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The hottest series in comics blazes on as the legacy of the new Aqualad is forged and the extent of his powers is revealed!

Plus, Aquagirl joins the battle, and Firestorm seeks out the Justice League’s help!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Uh I saw his powers on Young Justice!

  2. Still loving this series.

  3. Was poising interest but it is back…

  4. This is it for issues for me. I am gonna get 16-rest on trade.

  5. Well I already made it this far, might as well keep going.  The story is better than 52 and Countdown but it still isn’t the book I’m most excited about bimonth by bimonth.

  6. Last week was the best so far IMHO.  Likeing the new format, rather than 3-4 pages per character each fortnight it was up until about issue 12.

  7. Yeah, the new format works much better

  8. I do like the new format, but naturally the stories for the characters are harder and harder to tell in small sections. According to the end of the last issue, this one will actually focus on Martian Manhunter, I think.

  9. Damn that cover is awesome

  10. PLEASE don’t let his powers be electric in nature.

  11. Yikes. Fire the guy who did that to Finch’s cover lol

  12. (Spoilers!) Since when did Jonn dream of becoming a Green Lantern? That part didn’t made sense to me. Oh and really didn’t like the art. You should see the pages with all the JLA-corpses, Hall’s head looks like a meatball.

  13. What happened to the art here? It destroyed the story. I had to take a minute to decide what to rate this.

    @Cedric I think they just liked the visual and thought. “Hey, as long as we’re playing with an alternate future why not?”

  14. Well that was a pile of crap!  Next week Hawkworld! J/K

  15. Wonderful tribute to the classic Superman “For the Man who has Everything” issue by Alan Moore (unless I’m mistaken).  I enjoyed this one.

  16. My issue was defective, no Aqualad to be found.

  17. This book, for the most part, has been fairly solid (minus the Hawks stuff and a few slow issues), and it was really starting to pick up last issue, with the Deadman story and the last panel of Batman wanting to talk about Max Lord with some unknown person, but this issue was a pretty big let down to me, especially since ive been digging the Manhunter story. Lack luster story, and art that i could absolute not stand. 2 1/2 stars.

  18. Last page reveals of “it was all just a dream!” are bad enough, but when you KNOW all along that it’s a dream, it worse. Complete waste of an issue.

  19. I love the new format and like the beginning of the issue but it fizzled out. Hopefully next we get a Firestorm issue.

  20. I loved Gleason’s art aside from a few rushed panels (page 6) but agree with others that the Finch cover (or its “treatments”) looks awful. Martian Manhunter’s costume doesn’t match either of tge ones in the issue not to mention Batman and Wonder Woman! Really sloppy work from editorial on that last goof I’d guess.

  21. I liked the art and story , thought the homage to the old Alan Moore “whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow ” story was prettty cool . The Martian Manhunter becoming a Green Lantern was a nice touch . I thought it added to the eerie feeling of the whole story and when John woke up from the whole episode to find the bodies of his family at the table …well that was just mean . I love the story and can’t wait for the conclusion .

  22. didn’t do it for me. 
    @WadeWilson  i agree, if we know it is a dream, what is the point. 
    firestorm bit was good, hope next week we get more of firestorm or more aqualad

  23. The Martian Manhunter story has taken a turn into weird territory, and not really in a good way. Not bad, just ok.

  24. I loved this whole issue. The point of the dream, even if we know it’s a dream from the start, is that it gives us insight into J’onn and what kind of person he is. It’s a great character study.

  25. I wonder who is really writing this book.

  26. I thought this was great. Hit on all cylanders for me.

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