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Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the search for a new White Lantern. And Martian Manhunter returns to Mars as we discover the origin of the creature mysteriously stalking him.

Plus, the evil within Firestorm now haunts Professor Stein!

And Hawkman: betrayed!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. What a cover!  Think Finch’s covers are only getting better and better.

  2. I’m loving the series, but hopefully this will be a break from Martian Manhunter. I would love more Deadman.

  3. I"m excited for this, although i’m not falling for the cover. I don’t think Batman will become the White Lantern…too obvious..too early. 

    agreen with Minion…lets have a break from MM.  

  4. I’m glad we’ll finally see what’s going on with Hawkman, been a while since they looked over and him and Shiera.

  5. @Minion: Love Aliveman, but #12’s Martian Manhunter story was awesome.

  6. Ah, i think Snow Camouflage Batman is going to be in this issue.

    I tell you what, the last all exposition issue  of this was a tough pill to swallow. the martian man hunter stuff is very weak. i do like the fact they gave him pants though 

  7. I wonder if Bats will even make an appearance. 😀

  8. Firestorm is the reason I stopped reading this a couple issues back.  Are they finally branching out a bit more?

  9. Moonknight?

  10. @whilwindx: Bendis already made this joke.

  11. @robbydz–as they say about movies..its an ensemble piece. I don’t like Firestorm either but you kinda have to take all of it or none of it. The stories are supposed to tie together eventually. This isn’t the kind of story you can jump on and off. 

  12. @wallythegreenmonster – agree, why drop the book just cus you don’t like one part of like 5 or 6 different stories? The Deadman part has been my least fave part, but as a whole you get the feeling that things are starting to come together, and the other parts have been intriguing and suspenseful enough independently to make up for what I think is a weaker part of the book.  This is one case where the chain isn’t only as strong as its weakest link.

  13. Well, that firestorm stuff does suck. I don’t know if it’s worth dropping it over though  

  14. i dropped it after issue 4…then when 7 came out i went back bought the ones i missed, read the whole thing from zero in one night and am totally all about it now. 

    I"m still waiting for Firestorm to do something besides argue with himself.  

  15. Not feeling this book at all — pretty mediocre almost across the board — but I’m gonna have to pick this up just for the Resurrection Man appearance.


    Can’t turn that down. Same goes for anything with Chase, Chronos (Gabriel Walker), Zauriel, Aztek, the Seven Soldiers, Hitman and a whole host of other awesome 90s creations, DC! 

  16. @PozrDu I thought it was a little weak. The villain’s origin was totally unbelievable. She had never seen Martian Manhunter before he came back to life? I don’t buy that.

    That being said it was still a great issue. Just feel we’ve had a lot of MM and not enough of everyone else. 

  17. @Minion – Yea, that part didn’t really make sense, that she never knew J’onn was out there until now, you would think she woulda heard of him being a JLA member and all.

  18. I seem to remember a storyline where it was shown that MM didn’t have that big a following in the states but he was really popular in australia and new zealand, maybe i’m just misremembering though but it could tie into that

  19. D’kay had blocked herself off. Kind of a self-induced mindwipe. That’s why she never sensed J’onn til he was resurrected. She didn’t even know she was a martian, let alone sense other martians. But when J’onn came back, the was a telepathic surge that snapped her out of it. It’s no less believable than her melding her head into J’onn’s, or talking out of a mouth in her stomach. They’re martians for chrissakes. They can do almost anything.

  20. I dropped this book. It never really did it for me. So I’m prob not the best judge of how good it is right now. But all that Firestorm stuff was very boring.

  21. While I agree that there is some stuff in this book that is definately fun and worthwhile, the fact that I often had to pay good money for an entire issue (sometimes 2 in a row) devoted to a character story that I didn’t like became impossible to justify. Parts of this book are quite good, but not good enough to justify the crap.

  22. This one didn’t thrill me. I’m a supporter of this series, and with a series like this you have to take the good with the bad in order to get the full benefit of the story. So when I get an issue I don’t love it doesn’t really bother me as much.

    It’s nothing against the Hawks. I’ve been interested to see how Johns and Tomasi handle their continuity from the beginning. This just felt hollow to me. It was like a scene where a villain reveals their master plan stretched into a full issue. It was a lot of banter with very little substance. When a line that starts with "The only thing you’ll be holding …" is immediately followed with "The only thing finally coming to and end …", I tend to disconnect.

    Still, it was cool seeing Resurrection Man. And the ending has me intrigued. So I’m still looking forward to the next issue.

  23. I think the format for the next trade worth of issues is going to be focusing on a certain characters with a few pages of Deadman thrown in.

  24. man this was just boring until we got to deadman and that part didn’t last near long enough

  25. Okay, I don’t read any hawk stuff. I have to ask though; the second to last big reveal before Deadman, did that really make any sense?

  26. @Myncy: If ya mean the Star Sapphire page, I second your "Heh?". My Hawk knowledge is limited, but as far as I know they have very little connection to Zamaron. But the gauntlet Carter’s been sporting does contain a stone from Zamaron, so it’s not completely out of left field. It was a jarring transition though.

  27. @Myncy @wheelhands. The old power core for the Violet power battery also used to be two hawk people.

  28. @Minion: Riiight. Good call.

  29. I love this series, but seriously stop trying to fix Hawkman. It can’t be done. The whole story here could have been condensed to 4 pages amidst the other stories and it would have suited me fine; as it was, reading this one was a chore.

  30. yeah, i don’t have a problem with the hawkman stuff

  31. yeah the hawk story wasnt amazing, but i did love seeing carter kick some real ass for the first time in a while.  loved the deadman stuff, always have, can’t wait for the next one, i really wanna see how the rest of DC (non bat family) handles the return of Bruce.

  32. Hawkman is a badass, but between all the Egypt stuff here and the Martian Manhunter flashbacks, I feel like this series is dragging from all the retconning going on.  I’m fine with the changes, but I’d rather see more modern day stuff than all these flashbacks.  Next issue looks awesome though.

  33. Hey Resurrection Man is back!! I kind of wondered why he wasn’t involved in all the Blackest Night shenannigans.

  34. I don’t have a problem with the Hawks story either, except I feel like they’re consolidated & streamlining his continuity, but I only know the vague outlines of Hawkman’s backstory so I feel like I’m missing out on what I think is supposed to be the "thrill" of fixing it. 

    And honestly, if this is the "fixed" version, it’s still confusing as hell. 

  35. I hope they will keep this format: a whole issue focusing on one storyline, and a few pages of the deadmin/white lantern story. I liked the hawkstory more by reading it like this.

  36. I like the hawks when they are fighting alongside the Justice League and whoever else. Not so much when they are going into back stories and all that. 

    I dunno if i’m loving this single issue to one character thing. its a big change from the first part of the series. I kinda liked getting a little bit of every story in each issue.  

  37. yeah, i don’t have a problem with the hawkman stuff, i skipped about half the pages in this issue 

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