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  1. I love Static!   Too bad this is only a one part story.

  2. I have to say the recent Milestone appearances in the JLA have really got m interested in these characters…. yet I know of no one who has read those books and is able to give me some pointers on where to start!

  3. @Hawkboy They may not be easy to track down (or maybe they are;  I’ve haven’t checked), but I’d start at the first issues of the Milestone books:  Hardware;  The Blood Syndicate;  Icon; and of course, Static.  They were all some of the greatest comics in the 90’s and WELL worth the read, BUT….they had some very tight contiunity and might be a bit hard to follow if you’re not into that stuff.  And of course, (my current problem) I have absoultley no idea HOW they fit into the current DCU stories.  Dan might not think so, but acting like Dakota was always there is a bit of a stretch.

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