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  1. …..Ennis and Robertson are sick, sick people…

  2. yeah dont u love it

  3. Hmm just when The Boys is getting bad & people are dropping it in droves. a mini comes out? If this came out 20 issues ago, I’d be all over it, but the Boys has gotten so bad …

  4. I agree with Wade. Would have been a MUST pick about 10-15 issues ago. Now Im only pucking it up because I love the cover!

  5. yeah i was gonna grab it today at the LCS but i just couldn’t. SORRY GARTH I STILL LOVE YOU!

  6. This seems pretty improtant if your reading The Boys.  I’m thinking this might just be a story Ennis wants to get out but is worried about further slowing down the series.

  7. Eh. This was better than I expected it to be, but it still can’t garner more than 3 from me. I’m interested to see where it goes from here, and there wasn’t really anything inherently wrong with it, it just wasn’t very interesting.

    I’ll agree that it’s pretty important to Boys continuity, though.

  8. First comic book daisy chain I have ever seen. There were things in this issue that you cannot find on the internet. Seriously, I specifically tried…. it’s not there.

  9. Tiresome. It sometimes seems like Garth is trying to write sex for shock purposes, but now he’e been doing it so long it just doesn’t have that much of an impact anymore. I’ll be skipping the rest of this mini.

  10. @ deadpoolfan1-  your not trying hard enough my friend. its out there

  11. I just read the first Boys trade. C an I just pick this up with just reading the first trade or will stuff be ruined by reading this?

  12. I’m probably going to pick up #2 , but lets be honest here, really? This just wasn’t that good.

  13. XD. First thing that happened when I opened this book, was to that splash page. And I laughed so hard the guy on the register acknowledged how fucking hilarious that was. I can’t believe they got away with this. I mean this is almost as eye opening as Dr. Manhantan’s shlong being shown on widescreen.

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