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BOYS #47

And it all comes tumbling down… Hughie’s nightmare begins as he finds out the last and terrible truth about Annie, with Butcher watching carefully from the sidelines. The Homelander calls a secret gathering of the clans- and marks the occasion with a particularly gruesome blood sacrifice.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Russ Braun
Colorist: Tony Avina
Covers: Darick Robertson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. My guess? Annie’s pregnant with the Homelander’s child

  2. na they didnt have sex

  3. This story has been fantastic, it got me reinvested in the title

  4. Speaking of reinvesting in the title, when is Darick Robertson going to come back?  I know he’s all wrapped up in the Butcher story but come on, Man!  We already had to put up with this surrogate artwork on Herogasm and on the current Hughie story, and I could even forgive it for a couple of issues on the main title, but this is getting to be too much, especially for a four dollar book!  Something is missing from the big picture here, if you’ll pardon the pun. Us loyal fans deserve better.  I’m getting the idea that Mr. Robertson is either a flake or he’s got serious time management issues.  Perhaps he has spread himself too thin but this is not the reader’s fault and he needs engage us.  Is it too much to ask that he work on two books concomittantly?  WTF?

  5. I think Braun’s artwork is pretty much up to the level of Robertson’s, and also, they pretty much have the same drawing style (slightly more… "cartoony" in Braun’s case, but hey, it’s cool).

    Oh, and a big YAY to Ennis. Lately, the series has begun to work emotionally, and with the plot coming to a tipping point (I can’t wait to the Homelander finally "breaking bad"… Or so I expect), it’s not just cheap satire with a helping of black/gross-out comedy. It’s something more.

  6. All the artists that have been involved with this book have been nothing short of fantastic. Robertson is obviously the best but Braun is totally killing it too. Also, how are you going to diss John McCrea?


    Anyway, excited for this big time!

  7. Not dissin John "T&A" McCrea.  I said he was a surrogate, which isn’t a diss.  Now, if I’d’ve said he was an ersatz player, then that would have been a diss, you tool.  My point is that I want continuity and it’s not too much to demand the original artist for "The Boys," which my ass has been buying every issue since #1.  You guys might be okay with purile little comments like, "his artwork is pretty much up to the level of Robertsons…" and "Robertson is obviously the best, but Braun is killing it too." But I’m not and it’s not "cool" with me. 

    If i want fricking Leonardo DaVinchi don’t be trying to give me Michaelangelo.   Cease your sheepish docility, find your inner man, and let the artist and publisher know that it is unacceptable. It won’t go unnoticed and they need to rectum-fry the situation or there will be reaper-concussions!

  8. What manly about bitching and moaning? I don’t think it’s "unacceptable".

  9. This might be the best issue ever of this book. I felt like I was living every step with Hughie and it brought me to a very personal place that was disturbing, disgusting, and absolutely heartbreaking all at once.

  10. I didn’t expect an issue of The Boys to pack such an emotional punch.  Man, it got me right in the gut. 

  11. So once I drop it, we finally get a good issue?  Fuck it, I’m not falling for it again.  If anybody needs to get caught up, I’m about to sell a lot of issues of The Boys on Ebay soon.  I’ll let you know the deal when I list them…

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