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BOYS #43

The conclusion of “The Innocents” sees Hughie face off with the evil Malchemical in an extremely ill-advised showdown, and Butcher having one of his own with the furious Mother’s Milk. The kids of Superduper get a hint of what they might be missing, as the true face of Vought-American’s supe policy is revealed to them. And the man from Vought has a close encounter of his own…

The countdown to the grand finale of one of the most controversial comics series begins here!

Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Darick Robertson
Colorist: Tony Avina

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I just dropped this.  🙁  Damn Dynamite and their new $3.99 price.  RIP Boys.  You were a cool book, but not good enough to be 4 bucks.

  2. Seriously? They raised the price? >_<

  3. Ahhh, what the—!!

  4. $3.99?


  5. That’s really sad that the only comments on this page are about price.

  6. NO way am I dropping this one, regardless of the price … maybe I’m just mentally deranged, but I love the humor and the slow-developing story arc. And I’m no expert about art, but I never find myself saying WTF when I read this. So … why quit this close to the end?

  7. Because I refuse to pay $3.99 for a 22 page comic. period. end of story. done.

    I will pick them up in the dollar bins down the road for my collection.

     The publishers are pricing me out. DC and Darkhorse are all I have left.  When they go to $3.99 I’m out, after 30 great years.

  8. @hassler: You’ve got two more months with DC.

  9. I kinda feel the same way as hassler.  I don’t want to read a book and feel ripped off.  I really have enjoyed Boys, and actually care about the characters, but since the book is supposed to go to issue 70 plus another mini-series, that’s just too much.  Why the price increase now?  Why not $3.50?  An unannounced price jump at the end of an arc for no extra content just sits wrong with me.  And I have avoided all those 3.99 Green Hornet books like the plague.  I feared this increase was coming.

  10. @BCDX97: Why not $3.50? Because the market has shown that it will bear $3.99.

  11. @ hassler… Don’t forget almost all of Image’s stuff is stll $2.99. Also even with the increased price on this, I like it way too much to drop it.

  12. @conor: yeah, i know DC is pushing some books that way but i wasnt aware that they were going linewide, or almost linewide just yet.  oh well either way (gently pats new ipad)


    @ Butch: I stopped picking up image monthlies a year or so ago when they proved that they cannot get a series out on a timely basis save maybe walking dead, and sometimes they dont even finish at all. I do pick up image trades though…i love image.

  13. also @conor: The market has shown that Marvel titles at $3.99… the others? not so much….looking at you Green Arrow.

  14. @hassler-There is a lot more to consider than just price when examining why a single comic fails.  I think that your point would only be valid if after the rest of the companies go to $3.99 Marvel continuously expands their market share. 

  15. I’m done with the Boys anyway. The first few story arcs were great, then it went downhill.

  16. @ Mister J: Agreed there is more to it than that, but the continually rising costs, coupled with the diminished outlets, keeps pushing people out.  And once people are out, it’s very hard to get them back.  Companies should be desperate to keep customers right now, not content with just short term increased profits at the expense of losing more customers.

  17. @hassler-I would disagree with the idea of continually rising costs.  I got back into comics almost a decade ago, and this is the first real price change since then.  Compare that to normal goods, and that is not a continuously rising cost.  Ron even did a bit on the price change and his research said that we have had $2.99 for about a decade, that’s pretty good.  As far as the diminished outlets, well the direct market has been around for a long time, and with the continuing rise of the internet, the outlets for nearly all products in the stream of commerce are lessening.  Companies are desparate to keep customers, but without looking into Marvel’s books, we cannot tell if the old price change was even turning a profit.  Given the continuing rise of paper, gas, and labor for transport, it might have hit the turning point for them.

    On a side note, my LCS got shorted on Boys, and now I have to wait for next week.

  18. This issue was great. I love when all the relationships are in play. I’m not big on the superhero bashing stuff but when he let’s his characters sit down and talk, this book is golden.

  19. I think the prices are going through the roof because people aren’t BUYING comics anymore, they are downloading them off torrents. So fewer people buy, the price goes up, more people download (which just cheats the artists and writers), circulation drops drastically and the prices jump again which turns off alot of people who stop buying, it’s just a downward spiral. Frankly, I think alot of writers have been "phoning it in" for years now with six-issue "story arcs" that that have no meaning or relevance in the evolution of the series, and I’m sick of it. I think The Boys is DONE, as of this issue. I’m not going to pay the new jacked-up price and I’m not going to wait a month to find out "what happens next" because I just don’t care anymore and Garth Ennis can take a long walk on a short plank. Nuff said!

  20. I had this in my hands, thought about buying it, but then put it back.  I’m torn.  I want to read it, but I don’t wanna pay $3.99 for it.  I get 20 percent off a my store, but 3.99 just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  21. All due respect to my LCS, but am I the only one here on DCBS? This book is still only $2.59 on DCBS. And maybe I am too easily pleased … the artwork in this book wasn’t necessarily stunning, when compared to, say, "Joe the Barbarian" … but it is good … and that means I’m probably taking it for granted to a certain extent, so it is probably really good … And the narrative continues to drive forward (does one need to easily recognize where the narrative is moving in order to be satisfied that it is moving and that characters are developing?) … and the humor … I am always laughing my a$$ off when I read this book … maybe that says more about me than the book, but oh well! Seriously though … who wasn’t laughing when Malchemical turned himself into a cloud of gas and Butcher flicked his lighter? Effing hilarious! And then there was the moment when the kid with Turet’s sounded off and the entire gang almost got their collective clocks cleaned! This book may not be "Heroic", but it is worth at least $2.59 if not $3.99. But, you know what? If you don’t like the book anymore than don’t buy it. That is any reader’s prerogative and I certainly exercise it all the time.

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