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BOYS #29

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. This is it everyone! After this issue i think the boys will either keep its fans or see a significant drop in the fanbase. For me…this is do or drop. If it’s good, i’m sticking with it (might go trades) but i will be sticking with it. If it blows im out.

  2. I liked the last issue and finally this arc is coming to a close; hopefully, it’s great since I want to see what direction Ennis takes from here.

  3. This is also a ‘Do or Drop’ situation with me. I’m so glad to see this arc ending.

  4. "Do or Drop" for me as well.

  5. do or drop do or drop gabba gabba hey (lears at book)

  6. Wow, looks like everyone has been as disappointed in this arc as me! After buying all 28 issues, I feel like I should stick with it & see if the next arc improves, but yeah … this arc has been pretty bad. I thought it was just me missing all the jokes because I don’t know much about the X-Men, but I guess I was wrong …

  7. I liked the arc. A lot, actually. But I have to admit that it could have been done in 3 issues.

  8. Ha, this is kind of sad. It’ll be interesting to see the number of pulls this book garners next month.

  9. I dropped it after #26.  Glad to see that I haven’t missed anything with the last 2 issues.

  10. well…i am going to trades with this book from here out. BUT… i did like this issue, gave it a 4, but it really could have been done in 3 issues rather than 7. All and all it was pretty solid. I loved the ending, even though for such a big arc, i think it had a less than epic end, was still good.

  11. I thought it was a solid ending; it was finally good to unearth what the G-Men were all about. Ennis said he wanted to get more into the female and the frenchman, so maybe this will follow soon.

    I’ll be looking forward for the next issue.

  12. I thought the ending was kind of a cop-out.

    However, the book was a solid 3, and I’ll check out the next issue for sure.

  13. lame lame lame the whole (truth) of the g-men was no surprise since the dragged this arc way to long and that ending was predictable zzzzzzzzzz

  14. Well, just like most of the jokes in this story-arc, the ending made no sense to me, & left me shaking my head. This is a frustrating series, because at times, it’s awesome & I love the concept of this book, but at other times (like most of this arc) I feel like I am missing pages from the script because I’m so lost.

    Not sure if I’ll keep reading this.

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