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BOYS #28

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androidmoser03/05/09YesRead Review
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  1. again i hope there is a point to this story arc

  2. Seriously, this could have been three issues and just as boring-with half the cost!

  3. This arc is almost coming to a close, so hopefuly it goes full throttle with these next few issues.

  4. thats what i keep saying every issue  8-(

  5. The guy who owns my Local store, says this book is great.  Can i jump on here or is it in the middle of something?

  6. @twooldridge – This is part 5 of a 6 parter, so maybe wait until next issue. Up to you though.

    I’m with the general disappointment of this arc (I thought it was just me) & was thinking of switching to trades, hoping that reading a whole chunk of story at once would make it read better … but, how close are we to the end of the series?

  7. @WW

    I thought it was going 60 issues, he used that as an inside joke for, I think, two arcs ago for the title, "Five Year Plan"

    As an aside did anyone see the Jim Lee variant cover coming up?  The man can’t, or won’t, draw fast, but he can still draw.

  8. No doubt Jim Lee can still draw, but I found the variant cover somewhat disapointing. I prefer the Darick Robertson one.

  9. @MisterJ — Cool, thanks. I misread … guess I’ll be switching to trades after this issue. Unless it’s AWESOME.

  10. eh…i think the only reason i kinda dug this ish was the fact that there was some sort of action…some blood and about two solid lines. Now i think this is the best of the arc so far…BUT GOOD GOD MAKE IT END!!!

  11. yeah same here one more to go but this could have been done in about 2 issues

  12. Yeah, I agree with the general feeling of disappointment. This issue was good, but I really wish this arc would’ve been 3 or 4 issues instead of 7.

    Also, I wasn’t really into the funeral scene, I found it pretty offensive.

    Other than that I think the issue was pretty solid, I’ll stay on for this arc and then see how I feel at the end.

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