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Blue Beetle is in trouble, and Booster Gold must decide whether to save his best friend in the past or continue his crusade against Maxwell Lord’s growing power in the present. Can one man out of time do both?


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  1. I just love this book.

  2. Is it just me, or have comics used the puzzle piece device a lot lately…..Like A LOT, a lot.

  3. The first Giffen issue was kind of a miss, but i’ve loved each issue since.

  4. @magnum240: I agree with that sentiment exactly.  The fisrt issue was TOO jokey in a way that seemed very forced.  The rest have been much better.  This is one of the books that I look forward to most each month.

  5. Probably the weakest issue of the run so far. A little too much bickering and Estrogina? Really? Would have loved more with Dox.

  6. I really enjoyed the first Giffen issue as it reminded me a lot of the tone of the JLI without rubbing our faces in it… but now I’m finding that there’s TOO MUCH going back to the JLI, not just in tone but literally! I agree with Minion, to much bickering and would have liked to see more of Dox.  I realize that Giffen is a completely different writer then Jurgens and Johns are, but it would be nice to see Booster moving forward rather then getting mired down with "futile journeys into pathetic yesterdays".  No they weren’t pathetic but its time move on, not keep staring at the past.  

    I’m much preferring Booster’s characterization and near-leadership role over in Generations Lost to what Im seeing in his own series..  Because they have to more or less stay under the radar and away from public scrutiny….and because the entire world is brainwashed, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to being able to see Booster Gold take a mature responsible leadership role.

  7. Right there with you Skyfire, This book is te epitome of trying to recapture the silver age and it works because its Booster Gold but it is going a little bit too far.

    I do love getting more Ted stories because he is a character that I’m sure wasn’t used much in the past so Booster can go back to any time period and team up with him but this particular time period is getting old. I would like to see some development of Ted’s character as well if we are going to stick around and he pretty much just keeps saying the same thing over and over again. 

     I probably come off as all over the place. 

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