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  1. I enjoyed the last couple of issues.  I hope this one is of similar quality.

  2. I really liked the issue that came with the Lantern ring, I already forgot which color but I do remember the story.  Score one for DC I suppose.  Here’s hoping it ends well.

  3. I enjoyed the last issue. I loved the first 13-15 issues of this, but I had to make cuts and this was the first to go. However, I may reconsider. We’ll see…. Jurgens has this issue to wow me.

  4. I might get this, I mean it’s good, but not really 4.00 good for me.

  5. 4.00 good? hell this is 5.00 good! I may be biased…

  6. This was sold out at my shop.  Good for DC.

  7. This was really good.  The best BN tie-in that I’ve read.  The ending was probably enough to reel me in for the next issue too.

    Is Rip’s reveal in this issue a big deal? Or did it just seem like one to a Booster Gold newbie such as myself?

  8. Of the 9 tie-in books, most of them were crap. But Booster Gold, Adventure Comics and REBELS really stood out. I feel like they did the most novel things with the tie-in and in the case of Booster and REBELS, really managed to juggle the ongoing storylines with the tie-in rather well. I may even check out next issue, too. 4/5 for me. 

    @DarthDuck I believe it was revealed they’re related around issue 12 or so. I remember knowing that much, I don’t think it was taken that far before. 

  9. Yeah, this was the most satisfying of the tie-in books for me. I’m probably gonna pick up the next issue.

  10. One of the best Tie In of Blackest Night. I miss Ted a lot… i cried in his Funeral. (?)

  11. This was ssooooooooooooo good I’m going to buy the back issue Trades. Congratulations DC you have my money. =|

    Pg 16 was the best. I hooted.

  12. Booster Gold never disappoints!

  13. I love me.

  14. this is the 1st time reading this series i was surprised how good this was

  15. I”ll agree that this was the best of the BN tie ins.  Last issue set things up nicely, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  But this issue brought it all together.  Cool reveal about Rip Hunter, I like that character a lot.

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