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  1. This one shall be grand.  One of my favorite books month after month.

  2. Issue #25 was stellar.  I really enjoyed it.  Solid writing and art.

    The idea of Ted Kord as a Black Lantern is unsettling.  He was such a good guy.  That cover is awesome.  Speaking of Ted Kord, where the hell is the Maxwell Lord Black Lantern?  They must be saving him for the Wonder Woman tie-in.

  3. Only buying this for the Orange Lantern Corps ring, I’m almost ashamed.  But its forty pages and looks like it could be pretty good.

  4. I was unaware there was a ring involved.  How do you get it?

    @RoiVampire – I must have missed him.

  5. @stuclach  I think maxwell woke up as a BL in the 3rd issue of Blackest Night. But yeah we haven’t seen him do anything but stand there with all the other villains buried in that big morgue by the JLA

  6. I’m getting it for the ring.  But I have read the first trade of this and very much enjoyed it.  Curious how good this will be.  I’m giving each of the "ring" books an honest shot to hook me.

  7. @RoiVampire – How did your post end up below mine?  I assume it involved the multiverse.  Where’s Morrison when you need him?

  8. maxwell is going to be in blackest night wonder woman i guess since hes in all the covers for it

  9. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of BN bump this gets.

  10. I’ve been on this book from the beginning and do not regret buying it every month.

    I hope it gets a good sales bump and people stick around for more.

  11. Read the first 15 or so issues of this, enjoyed it, but the gimmick got less fun each outing. The Starro story was my last visit. Getting this for the BL tie-in because I’m curious to see how Blue Beetle’s scarab reacts to this…

  12. In it for the ring like I was for doom patrol last week. Never been a fan of jurgens, and only liked the character when johns and Katz were writing it.

  13. I’m literally going to burn this book after i get that RING!!

  14. Have been subscribed to this since the beginning. Still enjoying it.

  15. Getting this mosty for the ring but the few issues of BG that I’ve read have been good.

  16. Which ring comes with this issue?

  17. After the really disappointing Post-Johns slump, this book is finally starting to get good again. Those of you buying it solely for the ring might be in for a pleasant surprise if you actually read it.

  18. @Roivampire: Ornage, baby! I WANT IT!!!

  19. What if Skeets goes offline and comes back as  Black Lantern Skeets!!!

  20. say what?

  21. Good stuff.  Really nice tie-in to BN and even without the incentive of a Corps ring I will be picking up the concluding issue.

  22. This was really good.  I’ll be picking up next issue and possible staying on afterwards if this finishes strongly.

  23. Not good. Getting tired of Blackest Night tie-in books like this.

  24. Very solid issue.  I had fun reading it.

    My shop owner gave me a pink ring (star sapphire) and a green ring for my girls.  They ran around all afternoon "makin’ lasers".  My youngest picked the pink ring and was calling herself "Caroferis" (that is how she pronounced Carol Ferris).  It was awesome. 

  25. This was awesome. If this book is always this solid, I’ll have to add it to my pull list.

  26. @wadewilson i would do it, i was kinda down on it like 4 issues ago but ever since then it seems its getting better and better

  27. I picked this up a week late and while it was pretty good, it was not worth the $4 price tag so I won’t be continueing with this book.

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