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We fans of Blue and Gold have been awaiting/dreading this moment. Ted Kord. Black Lantern. Rather than giving us the same thing, Jurgens takes this opportunity to visit what makes Booster who he is and how he’s grown since Ted’s death. Jurgens takes us to Rip Hunter’s lab to an interesting conversation with Skeets. He brings us back to the home of Daniel Carter aka Supernova and his girlfriend Rose. He lets us check in with Jaime Reyes and he brings it all together to an interesting cliffhanger.

Let’s face it, Booster Gold is a book you all should be reading, but I know you won’t. But for those of us who love Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle, for those of us who want a Blackest Night tie-in that doesn’t hijack the book, and for those of us who just wanna see a good story, look no further than Booster Gold.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


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