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  1. <3

  2. This used to be a solid purchase, but with everything else being so good this has moved to the bubble. I’ll get it this week, and maybe finish out the story-arc, but I don’t think I can afford it any more.

  3. I think Booster has been solid since it started and I look forward to seeing Blue Beetle!

  4. I pre-ordered this through the next issue, but this title is officially dropped for me after that.  The Blue Beetle backup is the wrong Blue Beetle for the extra dollar.  Bring Ted Kord on as the co-feature and I’m so there!  I’m not digging the new Beetle costume, or Jaime or his pals, and the Booster stories have been lacking something since Geoff Johns left.  So I’ve had to cut a few series due to the price increases in order to keep within my budget.  This and Green Arrow and Brave and the Bold had to be cut.  🙁

  5. im only reading this arc because im a huge fan of the original teen titans

  6. Buy my book!!!!

  7. I dropped this for a while but I’m a fan of the original Titans as well so I’ll give it another try.

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