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  1. this is the test book for me on DC new format, if it doesn’t work then I won’t be buying any $3.99us ($7 aus) books

  2. I just dropped this. The Batman stuff made me go "hmmm maybe" but i held out for so long on the book already.

    What do they mean the Blue Beetle is back? Is it the new, HORRIBLE blue bettle or the great and powerful Ted Kord?

  3. @Aquaman: Your question is answered in the solicitation.

  4. I’m gonna pick this up to see if I like this new format. Plus, some sweet Norton art…

  5. I like Booster and I like Jurgens add Batman and whats not to love?  This should be a great arc!

  6. How do some books get a higher rating than a 5?

  7. Finally! A Booster/Beetle Book!

  8. @Conor 

    ooooooh hehehe ty conor. Im unfortunately not interested in the new blue beetle.  

  9. I think I liked the co-feature more then the main story. The main story was average superhero fare, the co-feature had more of the humor and fun that BG used to have. 

  10. Oh Booster. How I love you so.

  11. Could care less about Blue Beetle, but I love me some Booster Gold! Really dug this issue.

  12. Love this co-feature thing. Both stories were worth the money, IMO…

  13. If you’re going to do a Booster/Beetle book, make sure it’s the right Beetle.  I’m not interested in the Jaime Beetle.  I would have stayed on this book if it was still 2.99, but the extra buck for an extra story I’m not interested in following has caused me to drop it.  If they were to make this a Booster Gold / Ted Kord Beetle book, I’m on.  Sadly, Ted’s dead, and so is this book…to me.  I had to drop a couple of books due to the price increase because of all these backup stories, I like the idea of them, but Booster, Brave and the Bold, and Green Arrow had to be dropped in order to fit my budget.

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