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  1. That cover (really, just the Batgirl part) makes me so insanely excited about this issue. Batgirl, Gwen Stacy, and French Onion chips… Any of those and something becomes my most anticipated book of the week… YAY Batgirl!

  2. If this issue isn’t considerably better than #11 I will probably be dropping this.

  3. @GungaDin- French Onion chips are awesome.

    I keep looking for reasons to drop this, but I can’t think of any…yet.

  4. The first part wasnt too bad, although I’m still alittle shaky on this since Johns left. I’ll probably decided dropping this or not once Jurgens is full on writer.

  5. @Kory French Onion Sun Chips, if I can be more specific 😉

    @stuclach Issue #11 was better the second time around.

    @TheNextChampion I think this book shouldn’t be just Jurgens. This should be a playground for anyone to play with as they choose with like… Jurgens as collaborator or creative consultant… Dixon said it best. It works great as an in-out-simultaneously mess-around-with-DC-continuity title for anyone to mess with. I’m looking forward (very much) to Remender’s arc. That’ll be fun.

  6. @Gunga: Well they are doing a bunch of writers til Jurgens. Now it’s Dixon and then Rick Remender has an arc after this issue….Then Jurgens is gonna be full time writer and maybe artist(?) for the book. We’ll see how that goes…

  7. @GungaDin- Sun Chips rule!

  8. The last issue of this was my first for the series, & I thought it was pretty good fun comics. Nothing serious or mind blowing, but it was a good read.

  9. @stuclach wait till next issue when we get a new writer and we have to see if he lives up to the old team

  10. @TheNextChampion Apparently, Jurgens coming on as writer is the thing to worry about.

  11. I know people are’nt high on Dan Jurgens taking over the writing (that’s all I hear in my LCS) but I’m going to keep the faith.  I want to read his stuff with an open mind.

  12. @Kory This book just has potential to be a top five DC book… Like, seriously… They just better not botch it cuz I will be mucho sad….

  13. @RoiVampire – I plan on giving Jurgens one issue to wow me.

  14. If it’s bad, I’ll drop it after one issue…. But it’s gotta be super terrible…. I’ll probably give it anywhere between three issues and its first arc…

  15. That was pretty weak.  I don’t know if it seems bad compared to John’s magic or if this issue really as bad.  As I said I will give this one more issue.

  16. This issue just did’nt do it for me.  I don’t know what it was that did’nt click.

  17. I think this is fun series that anyone with just a hint of writing chops  could pull off. i agree with GungaDin that it should have a new writer each arc.

    the only thing that pissed me off with this issue was another one of those damn navy adds stapled in the middle of the book. it makes turning the pages cumbersome.

  18. This issues was completely strange. On the one hand it was much fun and a great romp, but on the other hand it was completely confusing and shows you everything that can go wrong about a time travel story. Booster as Elvis was awesome, but… I dunno… I feel that this arc coulda been three issues and was two.

    That said, bring on Remender! Let’s see what he can do!

    @bird It’s not stapled in, it’s inserted between the staples. Just pull on it and it’ll come right now…

  19. Also, why is DC trying to fix what’s not broken? I don’t see Jeff Katz doing anything. Keep him on board. I know that people say the magic was Johns, but come on. Let’s see what this Katz guy can do!

  20. @GungaDin – I agree.  This title was excellent.  I am disappointed it isn’t going to stay that way.

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