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A powerhouse team of Hollywood and comic book veterans (along with special guest artists) presents a fast, funny, 100% cool new series for readers of all stripes.

On the mean streets of Los Angeles, an alcoholic hit man and a desperate starlet dodge Russian mobsters, Italian gangsters, ninjas, hippies and the L.A.P.D. in a scheme to steal millions from a psychotic action movie hero. Featuring art by VIKTOR KALVACHEV (PHERONE, DMZ, The Incredibles), NATHAN FOX (Invincible Iron Man, Pigeons From Hell), TOBY CYPRESS (Batman/Nightwing), ROBERT VALLEY (Gorillaz, Tron), and written by Emmy Award winning screenwriter ANDREW OSBORNE.


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  1. Why haven’t I heard about this before?

  2. I’ll try it if it’s on the shelf. Without even reading the sollicit. I just like the cover.

  3. This is probably the book I’m looking forward to the most this week. Friggin sweet preview. ->

  4. Talked to one of the creators at Wondercon about this and it’s quite interesting as a collaborative process.

  5. @OttoBott  Thanks for the preview link!

  6. Dat interior art

  7. Is this a ongoing_ looks promising

  8. That truly is a Bomb Ass cover.  Illustration reminds me of a poor man’s Mignola.  I’m gonna pick this up.  Great, yet another ongoing.  I should just start a comic shop. 
    Perhaps a Cigar/Comic/Gun/ shop. 

  9. @skydog – Four artists are working on it. You’re probably referring to Viktor’s stuff?I can see the comparision, but I think it’s selling his skills a little short (but then again, maybe we’re all poor men compared to Mignola).

  10. That art does look sweet. I can see the Mignola in that one section. 

    I”ll be on the lookout for this. Now if i can find it is something else… 

  11. Anyone who’s read it, worth picking up?

  12. It’s really scattered — four artists, a ton of characters, some crime, some law, a shamus, some gay sex. There’s a lot going on, and it didn’t quite coalesce. If you like Paul Pope, you will like the sketchy, loose, atmospheric art.

  13. I just had to read my issue again to see where on earth ANY gay sex was. I certainly didn’t interpret any scene in the comic as that.

  14. @NodNolan  Shower scene…I didn’t really interpret it that way the first time either, but it does make sense since I don’t know why else you would be yelling loudly while taking a shower…

  15. I sing in the shower all the time, and my favorite band is Gwar.

  16. There was the shower scene, and an explicit mention by the female lead that her husband wasn’t interested in her groin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  17. This book was lovely to look at inside and out, but I didn’t enjoy the story all that much. It seemed disjointed and too much happening in one issue. I’ll check out issue 2, though.

    Yeah, that shower scene is either a sex scene between the two guys or the guy’s rubbing one out. Admittedly the sequence is pretty baffling: Nosily Working out, to noisy shower, to high five. It was like something was missing in there.

  18. Well thanks for the preview link, it looked pretty good and I think I might pick it up. Then there is this talk of shower scene and guys?? Sorry to each his or her own but now I will not be picking this issue up!


  19. Too much going on? I thought this was a pretty straight forward intro story, not confusing at all. The only thing throwing me off a bit is how serious or humorous this is supposed to be…the Law and Order “Dun Dun!” was pretty funny though. Art was really sweet.

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