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  1. Dropped this after last month.

  2. Were you not enjoying it or are you unwilling to give new team a shot and keep this character alive? I thought 25 was tops. 26 wasn’t great but it’s not this team.

  3. Neither, I was completely turned off by the Spanish issue.  I don’t speak or read Spanish, and I’m not going to constantly flip back to read the English script.  By not at least putting out two versions, one in each language, they’re telling me they don’t want me to read this book.  So I’m not.

  4. I’d also drop Atom if they did an all Chinese issue, or Wolverine if they did an all Canadian issue (it’d be all "eh" and "aboot"), and I’m Canadian!

  5. You know, if someone’s going to respond that way to the last issue, I’d rather they drop the book just so I have one less thing in common with them.

  6. I’m happy for you, jxc. =P

  7. From your tone (can print have a tone?), I’m guessing you think I’m a small-minded bigot.  But this isn’t a race thing.  It’s a "I couldn’t read the last issue; the writer didn’t want me to read the last issue; thus I won’t read any more issues" thing.  Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed the Reach space battle story arc.

  8. Or I might’ve misread your tone, in which case sorry for going on. =P

    Time for some GTA4 before comics.

    *wish you could edit or add to comments…*

  9. I just remembered another reason to be outraged about last issue: it cost more!  I would’ve had to pay $0.51 more to get a book I can’t read!  So I said screw that, put it down, and decided to never again pay for another issue.  I’d rather find an illegally translated copy online!

  10. This issue was great and I like that they’re setting up a team that covers the beetle’s weaknesses.


    I’m glad the majority of people i know haven’t dropped the entire book simply because they couldn’t be arsed to flip through a quirky "in spanish, the language of the character" issue that had an easily accessable translation in the back…  It’s a comic book, not a 400 page novel… so it’s not like all that much flipping was required to read it. 

    I read it through once without referencing the spanish translation, and then I went in the back and read all the translated stuff and read the book again. 

    That gimmick allowed me to read the comic book twice and enjoy it equally both times which is not something I usually do.

  11. Well, I guess wanting to be able to easily read a comic I buy makes me the crazy one.  I gotta go now, I’m going to watch a movie.  It’s a quirky little foreign flick, but they’re doing something different: there’s not going to be any English subtitles, but at the end, during the credits, they’ll roll an English translated script.  Should be fun!  And oh yeah, the experience will cost more than normal movies.  Can’t wait!

  12. Great stuff. Blue Beetle is still firing on all cylinders. My own complaint about the issue was that it took Jaime and Traci so long to figure out what was going. Otherwise it was all there: the characterization, the humour, the dialogue, the heart, the action scenes…

    Seriously, what is everyone waiting for? Read this book! It’s terrific. 

  13. @IIash  I agree the whole "Now YOU <insert thing here>"   was a huge clue to the reader but it seemed like Jaime and Traci didn’t even notice it.

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