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  1. I’ve been getting Blue Beetle since Issue #1, and have been loving it, don’t know about this issue though. Spanish? How am I supposed to read it then?

  2. By constantly going back and forth between the art pages and the script pages like you’re reading a million footnotes.

     Yeah, as nice as this series is I’m going to skip this issue. I find no joy in having to constantly reference the backpages when they could do the [text in brackets] method of signifying foreign speech that they normally use.

  3. Actually, I think that the translation is only there to add an extra level to the comic. I think that most of us non-Spanish-speakers are supposed to see this from the viewpoint of Traci 13 by not understanding what the rest of the cast of the book is saying.

  4. @Ilash, I think you might be right! lol

  5. i like the whole idea for one issue.  i mean this is the main spanish speaking superhero out there.  they give you the translation so what the big deal. 

  6. I enjoyed the issue, but it was a chore having to turn to the back to get the story. It read like a civic giveaway: ”Hey kids, comics can be in Spanish too!’

    Mike Norton, Trevor Scott and Guy Major gave us beautiful art.

  7. Oh, and it seems I had to pay extra for the extra annoyance. What’s Spanish for ‘bloody marvellous’?

  8. @Mart: I really didn’t need to check the back for the story. I felt that Norton’s art was enough to get the most of it…

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