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  1. I love Blue Beetle!!!  It upsets me that more people aren’t reading this title.  It’s awesome.

  2. I am so looking forward to this.  The build-up to this issue has been amazing — kinda wish John Rogers would stay longer.

  3. I actually came on late to this book but I love it to death – it’s nice to see a book that can generate excitement and anticipation through the use of characterization, subplots and quality sequential storytelling in general as opposed to The Hype Machine/Tie-In Madness. Albuquerque’s art has really been something special, too.

    Here’s hoping it can make it through 2008. 


  4. I’m with you leland.  This is absolutely THE most underrated book out there.  Just a great book and a great ending to Rogers storyline.  I do wish he’d stay on more and I hope the book gets more and more readers as the acclaim continues to grow.

  5. This was a phenomenal issue. Probably my pick for best of the week in spite of all the other goodness. The concept has really come together. It reminds me alot of early Firestorm lately.

    I LOVE the way Batman pulled the old 90s League together here. He should do it again soon. 

  6. It is so awesome that Rogers used a good chunk of plotlines in the previous 24 issues and use them again as part of this arc conclusion. 


    In the words of Barney Stinson:

    "This book is LEGEN… wait for it ………  DARY!!"


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