Following closely to the events of BLACKEST NIGHT, this miniseries event concludes as the Amazonian Princess comes to terms with who she is and what her role is in the world. But will her acceptance make her more appetizing to the Black Lantern hordes – or could that emotion be their undoing?

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Nicola Scott
Cover by Greg Horn
Variant cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $2.99
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  1. I wonder if Diana will be a Star Saphire through Valentine’s day.

  2. Book one was great, book two felt a little cheap with the "It was all a dream" nonsense. I liked the idea of the book taking place within the action of BN#6, but me hates books that undo everything that jhust happened with a trick or gimic. Still, Rucka definitely knows how to write WW. I am thinking of going and grabbing some of his Back issues.

  3. One more time. Still love this book.

  4. My favorite of the BN tie-in minis so far, and I usually can’t stand Wonder Woman.

  5. I can’t believe how curious I am about this ‘top secret’ nonsense.

  6. I’m sure it’s just Diana in her Star Sapphire outfit

  7. @skeets  But why would that be top secret?  That was the end of last issue and it was in the last BN issue.  I’ve also seen promo images of WW as a Star Sapphire.

     I hope it’s something more. 

  8. @zattaric: Because solicitations are sent out months in advance. It’s te same reason why Diana was blacked out of last isue’s cover. If five months ago everyone had known that she was a Star Sapphire then the story would have been spoiled.

  9. They’ve been revealing a lot of the Top Secret covers on DC’s blog.  I guess they never got around to this one.

  10. Yeah Blackest Night The Flash #3 is top secret as well, but on dcublog they showed it and it’s just blue lantern barry.

  11. @slockhart @skeets: Again, it’s because the solicitations are set months in advance.

  12. I know, I was giving a reason as to why I think this cover is most likely star sapphire Diana.

  13. I think people generally see "top secret" covers as "someone’s gonna die!" issues.
    I wonder if secret covers generate more sales because of that . . .

  14. cover of the month…

  15. I stand corrected. 

    @ Conor  I purposely stopped looking at the solicitations so that I would be surprised again, so I forget about that sometimes.  Thanks!

  16. Spoilers

    Interesting finale.  I don’t fully understand the vision Diana saw concerning Mera.  When Diana says "He never knew?" what is she referring to?  Was Arthur not aware that Black Manta was responsible for his son’s death?  Had he been blaming her?  I have virtually no knowledge of Mera or Arthur’s backstory.

  17. I can’t decide of the Wonder Woman and Star Sapphire costumes look more or less ridiculous than they do apart.  All I know is that all three beat the current Huntress…

    I have no idea what to make of this issue/mini.  The first issue was great/my POTW, 2 was a big middle finger, and this was confusing. Overall, I liked it, but it’s probably my least favorite of the BN minis (JSA excluded – it got dropped after an issue)

  18. The art got better and better with each each issue (and the inkers got fewer and fewer). This issue looked beautiful. I loved this mini, and I wish Rucka was writing Wonder Woman because he’s the only one who can make her compelling/interesting to me. I’m with stulach though, not sure what the conversation at the end was about.

  19. @stuclach – I am wondering the same thing. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  20. Great.  I was hoping someone could tell ME what the vision meant.  At least i’m not the only one who didn’t get it.

  21. There is a theory that DC might have some plans for Mera and the return of Aquaman which might be related. Or she feels guilty for not wanting to have a baby after they lost the first one.

  22. Yeah… I’m stumped too. What is it that Aquaman "didn’t know" anyway? @Conor… any ideas?

  23. I’m really digging the art in this series. Never been a fan of WW but this story has been interesting (I even liked issue 2). I’m also confused by the vision; was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the part with WW wearing Superman’s cape. Is that something that’s happened previously or a new revelation?

  24. I think it’s funny that Rucka is one of the DC writers who like the idea of Wonder Woman and Batman being in love. I don’t see Grant Morrison going for that.

  25. I love the idea of Bats and WW in love. Rucka should keep pushing it.

  26. …Brightest Day. Somehow I knew that white symbol was going to be an antithesis to the zombie symbol. Maybe white lanterns will be souls then.

  27. Great art. No story. Just like the whole mini-series. Maybe if this mini was a one-shot the "story" would have held up … barely.

    Still surprised Rucka wrote this. Probably the first thing I’ve ever read by him that was bad.

    Well, maybe not "bad", but nothing original or interesting really. Yawn City. 

  28. 1st two issues were great, but what happened on the 2 page spread in issue three? What was it that Mera never told Aquaman? It feels like text got dropped off on those two pages.


    maybe mera never loved Arthur Jr, or wanted him? she did kill him with gusto when he was a black lantern…?

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