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  1. "Necrophilia is the new incest", said Donny to Marie.

  2. Christ, this looks like crappy…Does anything I HAVE to pull this get the most out of Blackest Night?

    I’m following everything other sidestory, but i don’t have a clue on the Teen Titans or JT. Krul.

  3. Sorry, my spelling is really bad….Anyway, "Does Anyone think i have to pull this title to get the most out of Blackest Night"

  4. @tschafer – If I understand what you are asking (and I’m not sure I do), I don’t think you need to read all the tie-ins to "get" Blackest Night.  It seems quite self contained, thus far.

    I liked your work on Monkey Island and have high hopes for Brutal Legend.

  5. @tschafer – Sorry. Clearly, you clarified your question before I submitted my post.  Apologies.

  6. @tschafer: nope you don’t need to, i dont think so anyway

  7. Krull’s issue of Titans a month ago was actually pretty good, so I think this has potential.

  8. I would say that they’re not necessary, but since the tie-ins have been pretty cool so far it wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea to pick this up. Or at least read it in the store.

  9. Torn about this. So far the tie-ins are 2/2. It will be a last minute decision when I pick up my books.

  10. Be honest you been tempted to, you know… well, you know. It’s not like they going to tell anyone

  11. I’ll agree that this is where the limits of "But Blackest Night is so good so far!" gets tested.  I’ll grab the first issue with low expectations, hoping to be surprised.

  12. @Notsoevisteve

    I think it got tested with Titans 15, and that passed with flying colors, and had the same creative team.  This might not be a Blackest Night: Batman, but I’ve got high hopes for this. 

  13. I thought Terra was alive again? She was in Power Girl last week … different Terra?

  14. Has anyone even heard of J.T. Krul before? all the other tie-ins were done by big name writters, i haven’t heard of this guy. but like you’ve all said the tie ins were 2/2 so who knows this could be good. Although, if you look at it from another angle,  the Bat books and the Superman Books are all great right now so the tie ins are following suit. Titans on the other hand… not so much

  15. @WW, yep that was a different Terra: black hair, not related to Geo-Force.  She had a miniseries out last year that was decent and had great Amanda Connor art.

  16. BLACKEST NIGHT tie-ins are 2-0 for me, and I’m a fan of the TITANS (the team, at least, not necessarily the current book), so I’m gonna check this out. I don’t exactly have high hopes, however.

  17. Giving such a high-profile (relatively speaking) book to an up-and-coming writer like Krul is a brave move! But he must have done something to impress the powers that be, so I’ll give the first issue a shot. I have no real investment in the Titans characters, so the onus is on Krul to make me care. Here’s hoping he does! 

  18. I love Ed Benes, but my wallet loves other books better!

  19. As a Titans fan I enjoyed this, but I was a little disappointed with the number of pages given over to Hawk & Dove – not the first (or second, or third….) characters I think of when you say ‘Titans’. 

  20. I thought this was great. Awesome for any Titans fan.


    This was much better than I thought it would be.  I really liked the fact that Dove showed up as white light in Black Lantern Vision and I still think the fact that the deceased Dove couldn’t be resurrected because he is at peace is a very cool twist. Solid issue.

  22. I don’t know who this J.T. Krul guy is, but between this and his issue of Titans that was a BN tie-in, I want to see him do more. In a week with Green Lantern, Flash Rebirth, and Batman and Robin, this came out as my POW.  Hopefully he’s capable of doing more than Titans + Blackest Night.

  23. One of the best Titans issues in awhile. I liked the new Hawk and Dove.

  24. YES!!!! I KNEW IT!!!

    So my speculations about the white spectrum have been confirmed. I was also surprised that it became unidentifiable by the black lantern vision. I just didn’t expect Dove’s appearance to be the first cameo of it =/ I was hoping somewhere along the lines of Barry Allen or maybe someone more attuned and tranquil at heart would show up as white, like Dr. Fate or an obvious Clark Kent…. oh well.

  25. I thought this was pretty good, better than I expected it to be. I wouldn’t give it more than a 2.5 (I rated it a 2), but I enjoyed it. I’m on for the rest of the series.

  26. I didn’t pick this up. I know absolutely nothing about the Titans. If I hear good things I will pick it up next week if its a light week.

  27. @RocketRacoon

    I’d say that this was better than BN: Superman and almost as good as BN: Batman, if that means anything to you.  This does a good job of not relying knowing the characters, and it tells you just about all you need to know. 

  28. I’m with RocketRacoon, I’m skipping this one, I’ve never been interested in Titans.

    For those keeping score, I’m 3 up 0 down on the BN tie-ins I’ve read (Tales of the Corps, BN Superman, and BN Batman).

  29. It definitely lives up to the hype. If you’re a Titans fan (the characters, not the current so-so run) this is the book for you. Benes’ art is simply gorgeous to look at. Krull’s story is creepy and heartbreaking at the same time, with a sprinkle of horror on top. I’ve missed Terra and Omen (Lilith) since they got unecessarily killed in past runs; seeing them like this now is a grim reminder of their lost potential. Can’t wait for issue #2!

    My score for BN tie-ins is 3-0 so far.

  30. Boy, for an undead, that sure is a perky buttock.

  31. @Aalbatr0ss – As a massive necrophiliac (is there any other kind), I can confirm that many undead ladies retain their perkiness for YEARS. #IfYouThinkImSeriousYouShouldStopUsingTheInternet

  32. I…liked an issue of TITANS? Oh my. I enjoyed this. 4/5 from me. This looks like it will end up being more important than I thought. Also, Benes art seems all around better here than on JLA. It’s not great and I’m probably being overly generous based solely on the Dove/white spectrum "reveal" but it is what it is.

  33. Anybody else get a distinct Spawn and Venom vibe from Hank’s Black Lantern costume???

  34. I know little to nothing about the Titans, but this was a very exciting issue.  My answers about the whole Black Lantern concept have yet to be answered, but that’s not J.T. Krul’s problem.

  35. I’ve never really read any Titans books, but I am mildly familiar with the characters.  I obviously picked this up under Blackest Night banner and I was really surprised at how much I liked it.  If it weren’t for Batman and Robin, this would have been my POTW!



    This is the first book that I know of that has showed the white spectrum and it appeared to confuse the black ring’s ability to read emotion.  Seeing that it was Dove giving off the white aura, I can only hypothesize that white is peace.


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