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It’s a case of the chicken-or-the-egg as Barry Allen takes on the Black Lantern Reverse-Flash and seeks answers to the very nature of Professor Zoom’s impending resurrection. Plus, the Rogues witness an act so horrifying that it changes one of their own forever.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Scott Kolins
Variant cover by Francis Manapul

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I’d rather have the Kollins cover anyway. 

  2. The Manapul variant looks great too! But it doesn’t have Barry in it, so I will get the main one.

    Variant Manapul cover

  3. this cover business is freaking me out, man!

  4. Looked into it, and I guess the Barry/Nekron cover is the variant to BN Flash #1.  BN cover solicitations are silly.

  5. Well, I’m looking forward to reading this.

  6. My ugess is that they didn’t want to show the Blue Lantern Flash costume until after the reveal, and Manapul’s variant wasn’t ready yet, so they just used a place holder. I prefer the weirdness to being spoiled, I suppose.

  7. but it already happened in the main book. why would you read a tie-in but not the main book?

    maybe that’s how these event books are best enjoyed, just the tie-in books

  8. When this issue was solicited, the reveal did not happen in the main book yet. The placeholder cover does not get updated until the week it comes out, hence the placeholder cover until this week, when it came out.

  9. @Rusty

    They had that generic "Top Secret" cover, so I don’t know why they would change it to something else.  I dunno… it’s beside the point.

    This might be my second favorite of all the 3 issue minis behind Titans. 

  10. @Rusty: ah, i see

  11. Does anyone remember way back in Flash Reborn #1…..?

    I didn’t think so.

    My God this has been drug out so long it will time to kill Barry again.

  12. @CaptainSweatpants

    …This is a different story.

  13. Woohoo!!! Johns and Kollins on the Flash is fantastic! And if that Manupal cover is any indication of the Flash ongoing were going to get? Hell. yes.

  14. More Barry! More Blue!

  15. ROGUES!  

    Mr. Kollins nailed it.  And Mr. Johns (once again) made the rogues come off as some of the most interesting characters in the DCU.  I fully expect him to marry someone dressed as Captain Cold while eating cereal and drinking a slurpee.

  16. for obvious reasons, I both loved and hated (in a good way) this issue. once again, Johns shows us why he is one of the best writers out there. If it is because of the slurpees, then keep on drinking!

  17. I just now thought of it, but part of me wishes the cover was a recreation of Flash Rebrith #1/BN Flash #1 with Blue Lantern Barry.

  18. Really good, issue. But I didn’t love it. Some great stuff in here. Probably closer to a 4.5 than a 4. But I gave it 4/5. Some great stuff in here, though. There was a misplaced word balloon, but a small mistake. Also, not a big fan of what they did with Owen Mercer, who was one of my pet characters, but we’ll see what happens. (Not so much killing him, but the idea that he’d kill women and children.) I never want to hear Barry is boring again! 

  19. I liked it. However, maybe I was just tired but the dialog got kind of unwieldy.

  20. "No matter what life throws at you–or what way the road turns–you’ve got to put one foot in front of the other–and keep movin’ forward–with an open heart."


  21. Kinda follows the Blackest Night pattern we have all come to expect now — zombies, there’s some new unexplained way to defeat or use the Black Lantern powers, someone dies, & we see a hero or villain as one of the coloured lanterns.

    I’m ready for Blackest Night to either show us something new or end. 

  22. Upon re-read, I enjoyed this a lot more.

    And man, *spoilers*

    White Lantern Thawne?????!!!!!

  23. We’ve been teased with this whole "white lantern" thing for months and if we have to wait until the very last issue for it to be explained, I shall be cross all day. Please to be explaining it in BN #7, not #8

  24. I don’t think the Brightest Day symbol coming from Thawne meant that he is a "White Lantern". I think it just showed that he is from a post Blackest Night world and was resurrected because of the events that will likely happen in BN issue 8. This also might mean that when Brightest Day comes around there might be 2 Reverse Flashes running around Central/Keystone City.

  25. I cannot wait until the flash ongoing…still super bummed about them cutting the Kolins/Johns Wally backup…:(

  26. I was a little confused
    about what Captain Cold was doing with the ice mirror in the prison, and I went back and tried to figure it out but I couldn’t.

  27. This art is incredible. I was very confused throughout this miniseries, but it was still a pleasure to read.

  28. @mikeandzod21 I think it is confusing because Kolins and the letterer both messed up. The letterer definitely did, as from Cap Cold response it was clearly supposed to be the Trickster talking. What the hell is it with DC and misplaced word balloons lately? I mean mistakes happen, but the frequency is getting ridiculous. Do they have no proofreading process? Anyway, I think Kolins messed up as well, because I believe (I don’t have the issue in front of me) Mirror Master [living] was pulled into the mirror of Mirror Master [dead] in the previous issue. Cap Cold was rescuing him by freezing the mirror and smashing through it. If so, then why was Mirror Master in the previous panel? Well, if this was a company that did No-Prizes I think we could assume it was a Mirror Master [dead] illusion, designed to cause confusion in the ranks of the Rogues. Of course Snart didn’t buy it for a minute.

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