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  1. I had a lot of fun with the first issue

  2. yeah me too, hope it stays strong

  3. The Carol Ferris story (because I feel she will be instrumental in Blackest Night) and the Kilowog story (simply because I love the character) are the two stories I am looking forward to most.  I also hope we get more in depth Indigo story.

  4. the first issue was a real surprize. really entertaining

  5. Didn’t love the first issue but I will buy issue 2.

  6. the first issue, Saint walker story was one of those that gave me goosebumps at the last panel. Just great writing. SOOO happy i started reading GL to experience this whole event.

  7. I’m so glad this is weekly. i had no idea it was gonna be that way

  8. Anyone know what stories will be in this one?

  9. Not sure if I’ll buy this or not.  First issue was fun, but a bit disappointing.  I do love me some Kilowog though…

  10. @drakedangerz GET IT! (My attempt at the Super-Liminal)

    Should be interesting. I think this issue is supposed to be Green/Red 

  11. Cool, I’d be wondering about what happenend to Carol. I mean, we’ve see her a few times as a Star Sapphire Lantern but I don’t remember seeing how that happened.

  12. @Slockhart: It’s mentioned in the solicitation above that Carol Ferris, Kilowog, Vice, Blume, and the leader of the Indigo tribe will be covered.

    Anyway, I’m excited. I don’t think this will be a complete home run, but the last one was good and it seems like a pretty interesting concept.

  13. This is a key issue for me, because I didn’t really like the first issue, but if I buy this — no matter if I like this or not, I’ll buy #3 for completion sake (it’s a sickness).

    But, what are the chances of Johns & Tomasi writing two books in a row that I don’t like?

  14. I really loved the first issue of this. I was not expecting to – it interested me enough to get the next issue.

    The Blue Lantern story was really good, so I’ll stick with it. 

  15. I found these stories more enjoyable than Blackest Night #1

  16. Lovin all things blackest night so I’m in.

  17. @Prax-You always know just what to say.  You could charm me into bed if I’m not careful, you minx ^_^

  18. I was shocked how much i liked the first issue. hopefully this one keeps it up.

  19. all the 3 covers form a scene  🙂   i am easily pleased

  20. Really looking forward to this one. LOVED the St. Walker story. Can’t wait for more info on the Indigo Lanterns…don’t really expect it now, but am just loving all things Lantern these days.

  21. I surprisingly liked it too.  I was hoping for more, but it was good enough to warrent another issue.

  22. I really hate Diamond right now. They shorted my store today of both GL books and I have to head back tomorrow to get it.

  23. Pretty good issue.  Happy I picked it up

  24. wow, i loved #1, but this ish blew that mother fucker out of the water. What a great scene when the sinestro corps member got to first base in space. AWESOME! 5/5

  25. @drakedangerz See! My powers work in unmysterious ways.

    Loved this issue, knocked it out of the park, I thought. Better than #1. I loved the Blume story (Galactus anyone?) and the Carol Ferris story. The Red Lantern story wasn’t so great, but it wasn’t terrible. 5/5 for me. Blackest Night is really amping it up. 

  26. I also felt this was a marked improvement over the first issue. I enjoyed all three stories (though the Red Lantern one felt a bit derivative).

  27. The Blume story was so boss.

  28. This is all some stupid joke about the corps/corpse thing. Such a childish event.

  29. My breakdown of the individual stories:

    – FLY AWAY (Bleez): This started off really strong with the scenery and the initial introduction of Bleez, but it quickly fell off. I thought it was corny and ham fisted, and definitely not the best way to start the book. I’m very interested in the character and what could be done with her, though, which I guess is a part of the ultimate goal with this series. 1/5.

    – LOST LOVE (Carol Ferris): A pretty nice introduction to the character, borrowing heavily from REBIRTH. It also gave a bit more info into the Star Sapphire Corps, which I appreciated. Overall it didn’t do too much for me personally, but the art was great and it set out everything it intended to do. 4/5.

    – GODHEAD (Blume): Definitely the best of the bunch. I wasn’t really into it at first, but once I realized what the character was and what was going to happen with him/it, I started to click into it immediately. I’d like to see more of these Orange Lantern Corps-centric stories, as I think, although it’s not my favorite of the Corps, the stories can be very interesting. 5/5

    Overall I’ll go with a 3.5 on this. Two great stories, one crappy one.

  30. Oh, and the breakdown of the designing of the Corps symbols was fascinating.

  31. They already went through ever lantern corps so im wondering what issue 3 is gana be

  32. @Aquaman There was no Green Lantern story, actually.

  33. That means Kilowog’s story will be in issue 3.  That is more than enough to get me to buy it.

  34. This was alot better than issue 1.

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