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  1. This is the first appearance of BL Supes, right?

    Anybody remember where they buried him and Lois of Earth-2?

  2. If this is half as good as Blackest Night: Batman…

  3. Whoa…  Robinson and Barrows? They’re not pulling any punches on these tie-ins.

  4. @Slockhart, I hope it’s more than half as good. But Batman one was awesome.

  5. @PraxJarvin I completely agree. It’s like what they did for Final Crisis, where, say what you will about the event itself, they brought in some huge talent across the board. DC figured out a good way to do it.

  6. Kal-El needs to come back and deal with this

  7. Agreed, I looked at the creative team and am looking forward to it that much more.

  8. So, here’s a question. In Green Lantern we saw an entire world being brought back to life. Might we not see all of Krypton brought back as well? Or might they be at peace. What about entire universes? Could the black lanterns bring back entire pre-Crisis universes? Could the entire infinite multiverse be up for grabs?

    I hope we see some touching moments of grief when Power Girl gets a load of her cousin as a Zombie.

  9. Well, I’ll just be happy to see E-2 Superman beat the crap out of Kal-El.

  10. @isxios – I would be shocked (in a good way) if they brought back all of Krypton.  Maybe then they could pit them against New Krypton.  Worlds Collide.  Interesting.

    @PraxJarvin – What are the chances we see Kal-El getting his heart ripped out by E-2? 

  11. Is it just me or is Barrows growing before our eyes? I remember the guy on 52 and seeing his recent work its 100 times better…

  12. oh, man….


    Zombie Superman is so angry with that tombstone he is comedically shaking his fist at it

  13. Hopefully this will be the first book I’ve read of James Robinson that I like … but, on the plus side — Eddy Barrows! Woot. (Do people still say "woot" on the internet?)

    Question: do the BL rings only target super heroes & thier relatives & if so, why?

  14. @MisterJ: For a moment there, I got excited and thought the BL you were referring to was Blue Lantern Superman…

  15. @WadeWilson – That is an interesting question.  I find it particularly interesting because neither Bruce, Dick, or Tim are powered and yet their loved ones are being targeted.  Also, feel free to woot it up.

    @Edward – What did that tombstone do to make him so very angry?  Is he anti-granite?  Maybe it’s the shovel he hates?

  16. The return of Pa Kent and Kal-L are some of the more exciting possibilities of Blackest Night.  While not adressed in the main book I can only think that due to the Kal-L/Louis Lane (Earth 2) /Alexander Luthor connection to the Anti-Monitor that they will ultimately play a huge part in the main title, not only isolated to the tie-in. 

  17. I cant wait for this.  Great team for this tie in.  Just when supes is heading back to earth.  Just in time. 

  18. Suckered into another tie-in.  Thanks alot, James Robinson.

  19. FFFLLSSHH! Loving the event! 

  20. These tie-ins have been great so far.  Really enjoying this event.  What scares me is the DC November solicits.  Almost all of the dc proper books are a blackest night tie-in

  21. @torgelfi, yeah I saw those solits, it’s crazy! I’m gonna buy blackest night, GL, GLC, and the Batman, Superman, Flash, maybe even titans minis, but I got to draw the line there. Otherwise, I’ll be reading my comics in the truck I now live in.

  22. I noticed that all the November solicits with BL tie-ins are all C-list books, with the exceptions of maybe JLA and S/B. Clearly just a marketing plot. I might grab the Teen Titans one, but thats it. Kinda off topic, but this is probably the best place to say it. I think it’d be neat if Sgt. Rock or Jonah Hex showed up as Black Lanterns in the main book. Just cameos really, and building on it anymore could prove to be very stupid.

  23. I’m checking out all of the BLACKEST NIGHT tie-ins just out of love for the main book. This looks pretty swell, hopefully it won’t disappoint.

  24. @Slockheart:  I would hardly call Flash a C-List book.

  25. @ato220

    I’m just going by the DC website, which only has Flash Rebirth 6 as far as November Flash books, and it says nothing of BN

  26. could someone inform me of the reading order of last week’s BN books? BN 2, BN: batman, and GLC. which order do i read them in?

  27. You want to read them GLC #39, BN #2, BN: Batman #1. I have the reading list so far listed on the GLC #39 page.

  28. I read the GLC, BN:Bats, BN and had no problem.  GLC takes place during BN1, and GN and GN Bats take place at the same time, but none of the three really seemed to be chronologically sensitive.

  29. @praxjarvin and slockhart- thanks. i figured i could get the list off the comment section of gl 39, but i didn’t want to risk reading spoilers.

  30. BN: Batman was my POTW last week and I’m hoping this is that good, It looks awesome.  As for all the tie-in ongoing titles, I think I’m only going to buy what I normally buy unless something jumps out at me.

    @Slockhart: BL Jonah Hex and Sgt. Rock would be BADASS!!!

  31. Blackest Night is the tits.

  32. Did everyone else get a cover with BL Superman in front of a "Welcome to Smallville" sign, or did my shop throw a variant in my stack at no extra charge?

  33. Wait, I’m confused. Why is the Superman and Lois Lane from Earth 2 in whatever version of Earth the regular DC continuity is?  How did they die?  Are they the same version of Superman and Lois Lane from Kingdom Come?  Which Earth is that?  Doesn’t DC have a bunch of alternate Earths?  Is Blackest Night happening in all of them too?  Why is DC always so confusing?  Is it so you have to read the books over and over to understand them that way the get you addicted?  I’m so lost!!

    From what I could understand though, this was a decent little read.

  34. @robbydzwonar – Supes and Lois from Earth 2 wound up on, and died on, our Earth in Infinite Crisis. The Kingdom Come Superman and Lois are from another Earth, so those are totally different characters.  There’s no sign yet that Blackest Night is occuring on any other Earths.

    Anyway, this issue was awesome, although probably not as good as Robinson’s other book this week, the Superman Annual.

    But, memo to DC: I’d like my James Robinson-penned Krypto series now.  Thank you, that is all.

  35. @Jim – Excellent synopsis.

  36. This was good stuff.  I liked both the art and the writing on this one.  E-2 BL Supes calling out Clarks inability to save his dad was well handled. 

    Also I want at least two frames of emotional spectrovision in every BL book I read.

  37. The way Robinson used the Emotional view from the BL was great in this issue. Wasnt an amazing overall issue but i was intrigued. 

  38. @rift1128 – I agree.  The rainbow Superman panel was excellent. I hope the last issue of Blackest Night features everyone in their emotional color duking it out.

  39. Good issue. Not great, I must say. I could have used a little less Conner getting his ass handed to him and more Kal-El dying. 😉 4/5 though. Barrows was spot on this issue, too. Loved the emotional spectrum bit. I’m safely placing this after BN: Batman in my reading order, since the Charge percentage is so high.

  40. Damn my LCS fails me yet again by not ordering enough books!!!!

  41. I had a light week and made this my POTW.  It was good like BN: Batman.  I dug the emo-spectrum Supes and this book just knew how to hit a man when he is down.

  42. I gotta sit down a read Infinite Crisis one day…


    Just one question… wtf happened with Krypto? From what I gather Connor mistakened him for Ma Kent’s corpse in the rubble, but left as soon as he found out it’s Krypto. So just because it’s the dog’s body makes it okay? Sheesh Connor, a bit Prime-much?

    I just have a gut wrenching feeling in the pit o’ me stomach that they’d advertised this particular issue MUCH differently in the 70’s something like: "The DC Universe now in technicolor!!!"

  44. If you were considering buying this get it. It was a great read. Not reading any superman titles right now(besides Adventure), but this was quite satisfying.

  45. @Ruo21 just picked up Adventure Comics #1/504 yesterday because everyone said it was good and it was.  Manapuls art was good and the colorist did an awesome job.

  46. @Mangaman
    It was fairly obvious to me that Connor called out for both Ma and Krypto, Conner found Superdoggie, Krypto opened his eye and gave him the dog equivalent of the "I’m a’right, kid. Go kick some ass!" look, and they rushed out to find Ma, as they couldn’t detect her using their Ma Kent-radar powers in the vicinity. They left Krypto there cuz:
    1) he could get more hurt in the big battle
    2) he’s Krypto, he’ll be fine given a second to rest and
    3) this way he can be a Dues Ex Machina

    I loved the use of emoti-colors in this. Since that GL issue where we saw Barry and Hal appear as blue and (green? Probably? I forget) I wondered what color Superman would be. I thought blue, but now we know that anyone could be a different color at a different time, so having him be all those colors was perfect.

    Though I have to say that the indigo compassion was absent, which makes sense when Supes is first shown as a rainbow warrior, but when Connor is falling, it should have appeared. Really, one of the main ’emotions’ that I’d attribute to Superman is compassion (maybe that’s a story point though. Perhaps he’ll show compassion to zombie-Kal and will be colored as such).

    Further, if they’re going to have different colors appearing at once, the guy making out at the drive through should’ve been violet (as shown) and either green or blue (depending on how confident he was about getting to second base).

    I didn’t really love the art, though, to be honest.

  47. @Captbastrd I think the idea was that Kal-El was violet with love when Kon-El was falling because he cares about him.

  48. @Prax
    Yeah. I just felt indigo would play into the situation as well.

  49. Thinkin I might pick this up tomorrow.  Would those of you that read it say that you enjoyed this more, or Blackest Night: Batman?

  50. Good, not great, issue. The art was neat, but I felt there were a few problems with the dialogue, and a few things didn’t make sense to me. Still, it was good enough to warrant checking out the next issue, and wasn’t bad by any means. 3/5.

  51. I have loved every issue of Blackest Night in any form and this was great. I don’t even realize obvious Black Lantern choices. Zor-El!

  52. haven’t read one bad comic featuring the Blackest Night heading, and I’ve read everything with it so far. I’ll skip Titans, but good show DC.

  53. This was very good.

  54. I would also like to know why only people related to superheroes become Black Lanterns.  I’d like to see a reason other than it’s convenient to the story.  This isn’t criticism, I just hope that Johns has a reason that will be explained somewhere and I look forward to it being revealed in the story.

  55. @ABirdseysView-Most likely the reason is because they want the heroes, who pose the most threat, distracted and thrown off balance.  I’m sure it will be specifically addressed later.

    Anyways, I ended up pickin this up today.  Loved it.  Damn fine read.

  56. Clark and Conner actually seemed like down to earth guys in this issue. I loved the way Conner was so concerned his dog.


    and it also really cool that smallville is like this impossible place that doesn’t exist anymore, like a norman rockwell painting, but informs the character of Superman. These are the values he represents 

  57. I LOVED this.

  58. @drake- thanks, I suppose that makes sense.  I lost sense of the fact that the Black Power Battery is powered by the Anti-Monitor, so maybe that factors in.  But if the green rings target the one who most demonstrates willpower, yellow targets the greatest ability to cause fear, etc., then what superlative are the black rings targeting.  The most dead? that doesn’t make sense.  The ones that died in a certain way?  well that still wouldn’t explain only those connected to supers.  hopefully it will all make sense.

  59. I rather enjoyed this, particularly the zombie-vision with the different colors emanating from different characters at different times.  Question, though, if the super-types get a revamped ‘Black Lantern’ costume when they get a ring then shouldn’t the civilian types have some sort of generic costume that they’re supplied with, just like a rookie Green Lantern?  No biggie, but I do wonder about that kind of stuff.

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