As the mayhem of the Worthy engulfs Manhattan, the American Panther makes his move to take control of the city!

Story by David Liss
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Cover by Patrick Zircher

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


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  1. Looking forward to this, really well written book and the arts gorgous. Really liked last issue alot.

  2. Holy cow that cover is great. And FF on the interiors! Too bad I have strict rules regarding tie-ins. Maybe I’ll give it a look at the shop tomorrow.

  3. Rules were made to be broken no matter how strict. Especially when francavilla is involved

  4. I might pick this up… hope it’s not too tied into Fear Itself. 

  5. This book is so good right now. Francavillan is on fire.

  6. What am i missing here? I’m getting EVERYTHING Fear itself and this is possibly the WORST tie in yet. 2 straight issues i havnt even been able to finnish reading because they are that bad.

    I have no idea what you guys^^ are raving about.  

  7. Another strong BP:MWF.  The Hate Monger, particularly how Liss has developed him, is a great villian.  I particularly liked the Hate Monger’s remark about not even having to use his powers on Chambliss…that’s the scary thing about hate and how it’s manipulated to political ends.  And, what can I say about the art that hasn’t already been said…stellar.

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