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  1. Ok I am still going with Storm as a Skrull. She probably a skrull that believe her programing.

  2. We’ll see what happens here, again it feels a lot like 300 so I’m expecting a rebound by the Wakandians in this final

  3. *VERY sorry somehow hit enter before I finished my quote*

    issue for Secret Invasion……Probably my last issue on this too, I doubt this series will get any better after Aaron leaves.

  4. I am also picking this one up to see how this storyline ends (and then immediately dropping the book).  I wonder how the whole marriage thing will go if Storm turns out to be a Skrull?  A shapeshifting wife could be quite useful.

  5. Aaron is the ONLY reason I am on this book right now and LOVING it. This will be my last issue as well. Looking forward to the conclusion after last issues cliff hanger ending.

  6. I hope on my wedding day my bride looks that beautiful. *swoons*

  7. I have loved everything Aaron writes! Will drop after this issue, just following the writer. Too bad he is not staying he really reenergized The Black Panther. Still would love for Aaron to write a ongoing Batman book-stupid DC let him slip away!!!

  8. @WadeWilson – Talk about a Butterface.

  9. I’ve been loving this arc.

  10. i wonder how much the sales of this book went up with jason aaron as writer. that’s the only reason i picked up this arc. of course the SI tie-in probably boosted sales a bit was well.

  11. This was awesome. Great twist and reveal. Aaron made me care about and feel for not only the Black Panther and his people but the Skrulls as well. Aaron does it again.

  12. I’m also dropping this now. Can’t stand Hudlin’s writing. I don’t think this was Aaron’s best work, though. I don’t think he had much of a grasp of the Wakandans, which is why he wrote this story the way he did. Like someone said, it was basically 300 set in Africa. I still enjoyed it. Hard not to like anything involving the BP in pitched battle with super-skrulls. 

  13. Well dropping it might be a good idea. According to Advance solicts show no future issues of Black Panther in 6 months from now. Whether this means it is cancelled is yet to be confirmed.

    So it’s not 100% confirmed, but this title might be cancelled by the end of the year. Oh well at least the series went out with a good story before it went away.

  14. Pick of the freakin Week!!!!!

  15. I read the first and last issues of this story arc and it was enjoyable. i think i’ll go back and read the middle now.


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