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  1. This is such a shame. I wanted this book to be good after how well the earlier series was received. Unfortunately this has taken too long, lacked excitement and dynamism and will be dropped by me after this issue if Hudlin carries on without at least some help. This book needs more respect. As an important black character in an exclusively black world it is singular in its setting and value as a mainstream comic book (as far as I know). If I had heard that a Marvel book would be set in Africa and the lead character would be a woman I would definately have expected it to fail. Off the back of the previous series I thought it had a real chance of success but the writing and delays have crippled this book.

  2. I thought this was a pretty awesome finale to The Deadliest of the Species. The fight was great.

  3. I’m going to have to go shopping around for this one. My local comic shop didn’t have any copies.

  4. meh, the ending was way too pat for me. t’challa can go but because morlun is there. its logical but doesnt seem quite right to me. I dont see death letting go of storm or tchalla just because morlun has more souls or whatever. If this book was on time and the previous issues were better i might have been ok with this one but this book fell down for me a long time ago.

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