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You’ve never felt better. You’re eating right, sleeping soundly, kicking butt at work.

But there’s one tiny problem.

You’re being hunted through the streets of Gotham City by five women who seem dead-set on sticking you with syringes and even chopping your head off with a sword. But listen, buddy – you don’t understand. These women? The so-called Birds of Prey? They’re the only things standing between you and instant death, triggered by some creepy guy who’s been secretly controlling your mind for a year now…


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  1. I really enjoy this book, but I CANNOT WAIT for Travel Foreman to start doing the art!

  2. anyone heard of Javier Pina before?

    • Pretty sure he did finishes for Jesus Saiz on issue 3 or 4 which maintained a pretty consistent look. Outside of that, I’m not familiar with him.

    • I’ve never heard of him. Missed Saiz, but I think Pina did a great job. I think his rendition of the new Black Canary costume is my favorite so far.

  3. Staying with this until issue #9.

  4. I shall miss Jesus Saiz, BUT if Travel Foreman can get more people to give this book a shot then so be it.

  5. Probably out when Travel Foreman takes over. Story just hasn’t been strong enough to warrant continuing.

  6. I’ve been digging this book a lot! And as I’ve said on other boards, I’m totally in love with Starling as a character!

  7. Starling reminds me of another character from the old DCU what was her name, HUMH? Tatoos, bad ass, sexy?? Grace from the Outsiders, remember….?? I really dig Starling because she reinds me of Grace except so far I do not think she is a lesbian which really is fine and has no baring on the character. I just thought about every issue and than it came to me just now. Well what do you think??

    Yes this is one of my favorite titles from the NEW 52 as well, just to clear that up.


  8. Can foreman change his art from the style he does on animal man cause I really like this book but the art in animal man was not to my taste. I’ll try issue 9, just hope it wont be my last.

  9. DrewHLMW- I am with you and if he did change it to this I probably would enjoy it more. I know in AM it really does have alot to do with the feel of the book so I do appretiate it however; I am just not liking it.
    Now this issue was a 5 easily and was right up at the top for POW for me, Starling and Canary continue to become some serious bad ass characters with every issue and Kitana really seems to be a little on the Arkham resident list. Poison Ivy’s new look has really grown on me and really makes her creepyas she should be in my opinion. The ladies have done their best against this enemy and had a great plan and helped everyone they tought was at risk however; it apears are villian is just one step ahead of them and seems to be playing them to what end.


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