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The mind control antics continue as the Birds race against time to unveil the mysterious Choke.

Looking back, I feel like more should’ve happened in BIRDS OF PREY by now. I mean, I know there was some stuff in there that was basically mind games. That’s gonna take some pages. And that’s fine. And there have been quite a few separate missions they’ve gone on to fight off the Cleaners. That said, I’m not clear on what the stakes are.

But this part is straightforward and exciting enough. Looks good, reads good. I would like a more character-centric storytelling style, since so far this book has been very plot-heavy, but I can wait until the second arc for that.

I do think it’s peculiar that Batgirl has been added to the book, not because it’s strange for her to be in BIRDS OF PREY, but because she’s done very, very little in the series so far. The focus is still on the other four characters. Batgirl seems there almost as an attention grabber, something to get people to come read the book who don’t know Black Canary or Katana or Poison Ivy. Though only Canary and Starling really get much character development, anyway.

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  1. I agree with the points you’re making 100%, and that’s why I’ve decided it’s time to drop this book. It seems a lot of the DCnU titles are focusing on plot-driven stories with little-to-no character development, and plot-driven stories just aren’t my bag. It’s the whole reason I stopped reading Bruebaker’s Captain America relaunch. Sure, stuff’s happening in every issue, but I don’t know these characters well enough to care about the outcome. After 6 months of issues, that equals ‘dropped title’.

    • I like to have a little of both, and based on the books I’m pulling right now I feel like I get that. BIRDS and DEMON KNIGHTS are the two that I really want to take a shift toward character-driven soon, because I want to know more about the characters involved.

      On the other hand, I feel like I get my DC character-driven fix from other books, like SUPERGIRL, BATMAN, ANIMAL MAN, BATWOMAN…there’s plenty.

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