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  1. Is this part one of a story? I haven’t read BOP consistantly since Simone left the book, but this story looks too good to miss.

  2. Nope, it’s in the middle of an arc.

  3. Platinum Flats?  They really need to work on their city names.

  4. That is an awesome cover, shame I dont pick up the title.

    But hey, if they’re making this Joker/Oracle conflict a big deal…then it’s something to look forward to in trades.

  5. I don’t really like what they’ve done with Barbara lately. First they put her at odds with Dinah, and then they move her out to the west coast, far away from her dear old dad.

  6. Thanks Conor. It looks like I’ll be playing catch up with this issue.

    I hope you guys are ready for my 400 questions after I read this. =D

  7. this was a pretty darn good issue.

  8. BoP is a pretty solid little book! I buy it just for Barbara Gordon. (Who, incidentally, is one of the greatest characters in the DCU.)

  9. I didn’t like the way Misfit looked. Previously, she had been drawn to look a little chubby not fat, but she looked like a regular girl.

  10. Is Nicola Scott off the book for good? I know she’s going to be doing Secret Six. I thought the art in this issue was okay but I hear you on the Misfit thing. 

  11. @BatStewie – Did you see the interview with her on the San Diego show?  She’s off BOP and on to SECRET SIX.

    This storyline… eh, it’s okay.  Not great.

  12. @conor – oh yeah… I forgot about that part. sorry. I must have been captivated by Nicola Scott’s cheekbones. 

    I wish we saw more inner emotional turmoil after Babs’ team blew up part of Metropolis. Seeing how she/they  coped with failure was barely touched. Babs got grumpy for a little bit then they moved away. Could have been so much more.

  13. I caught up on the last few issues & I like it! The Silicon Syndicate stuff is great, and the Misfit stuff is a little soap opera style for my tastes, but it’s good to see these characters again for me. I haven’t really read the book since Simone left, & when she was writing I read every issue for years, so it was like checking in with old friends (hot ones) to see what they have been up to.

    Is that the geekiest thing I’ve ever said?

  14. I’m not liking the move or that Barbara is being so detached with the Birds especially Helena.  And I guess Black Alice is going to be a part of this book? I hated those issues of her and Misfit awhile back, I’m not liking a lot of the directions this book seems to be going in.

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