“Look over your shoulder. Someone is following.”

And don’t miss the latest sensational chapter of the CRIMSON CORSAIR, from writer and artist JOHN HIGGINS.

Written by Brian Azzarello
Backup Written by John Higgins
Art by Lee Bermejo
Backup Art by John Higgins
Cover by Lee Bermejo
Variant Cover by Jock

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. did anybody else have a weird printing error where the coloring in the entire book looks slightly faded?

  2. What a great freakin comic book. Bernejo is a revelation. He is so good. Before Watchmen is hitting on all of its books right now. This is what Marvel Now or the New 52 wish they were. Even guys like Azzarello and JMS, not just Darwyn Cooke, are hitting home runs. SO GOOD!

  3. This is so good! I really enjoyed this issue. Because Roarshach is one of the more fleshed out characters in Watchmen I wasn’t super excited about this series, I thought they were gonna be repetitive, I’m happy I was wrong!!!

  4. besides looking like there are 2 turds on the plate, great cover. i just think sausage patties or bacon would have complimented this piece a lot more, but whatever.

    Azz is doing a great job of capturing Rorschach’s voice and accompanied by Bermejo’s art, this may come out to be the best BW book when it’s all said and done. it’s certainly close between all the titles cuz they’re all sooooo good.

    man, i knew Rorschach had issues with sexually strong women, but it’s obvious that he’s just awkward around all women as made evident by the opening page. ya know, it’s funny to think about, but he must be a 40 year old virgin. no wonder he kills so many people. i bet just one good masturbatory session would work wonders for his stress level. then maybe he could pull that stick outa his ass. so uptight, but a great character nonetheless.

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