“If a man has the opportunity to do good, he’s obliged to take it.”

Plus: The latest chapter in the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup adventure from writer and artist JOHN HIGGINS!

Written by Len Wein
Backup Written by John Higgins
Art by Jae Lee
Backup Art by John Higgins
Cover by Jae Lee
Variant Cover by Massimo Carnevale

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    seeing as how Ozy kills Blake in Watchmen, i hope as the cover suggests that Eddie gets the drop on him and gives him a bit of an ass whippin’. it probably wouldn’t add to motive for killing Blake as i would imagine Ozy isn’t petty enough to hold a grudge over a beat down, but who knows.
    F’n love the BW line.

  2. Sitara, does Blake have any super soldier powers? I’m always confused, I remember in the movie his fist went through a wall and here he certainly seems to have near-Ozy fighting capability? Were you happy with the fight?

    • to my knowledge, it has never been revealed that Blake has any sort of superhuman capabilities. we are left to assume that the government took his training to the next level when he started working with them, which i suppose, is on par with Ozy’s training from master martial artists in the East. Dr Manhatten is the only superhuman in the Watchmen universe.
      Did i like the fight? sure. i’ve never found that Jae Lee creates fantastic fight scenes. fast action just isn’t his forte. as far as the outcome? Ozy says in the beginning of the fight that they are evenly matched, then he says he let him win after the Comedian “cheated”. so we have to ask ourselves: who would have won had the fight continued beyond Ozy’s secret forfeit? or perhaps: is Ozy so arrogant that he can’t admit defeat to us the audience or even himself in his journal? so we’ll never know for sure, which bugs me a little because of my previous post which explained my desire for the Comedian to come out on top. which, technically, he did.
      i gave this book 4 stars.

  3. Everything you wrote matches my thinking pretty much. I always felt that Ozy would be the better fighter in a fair fight, if he can catch bullets and beat up umpteem Turkish thugs, wouldn’t he be able to handle one Comedian? But I agree with your sentiment that you wanted to see Blake beat the little snot for a number of reasons, and it did seem in the end he won. Totally agree with your ‘so arrogant he can’t admit defeat’ comment, as well as your observation that Jae Lee draws sculptures better than kinetics.

    Yes 4 stars. Maybe would be 5 if the kinetics of the fight had been better, and if the overall plot had something more compelling driving it than explaining how the Antarctic fortress came about, etc.

    • It was also a sneak attack in which Ozy was able to kill Comedian, seemingly with ease. In a UFC-like fair fight, I’d give a slight edge to Comedian.

      I continue to enjoy this series. I think it contains the best art of them all, though we’ve only been through one cycle of the Rorschach and Manhattan books, which are my other candidates.

      Wein does a very convincing job extending the character’s mythos, though I feel we’re already seeing a fully developed character, rather than someone turning into what they are in Watchmen. I guess these aren’t meant to be origin stories but simply “more adventures” of the fully formed characters we already love.

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