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Blood drenches the back alleys of Gotham City in Part four of “Hydrology” – and Batwoman’s life begins to burn!

Art and cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

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  1. This book has fit perfectly into the new 52 even though it was in production long before. Can’t wait to see the action ramp up with the villain and I am really excited to see the development with the KK’s relationship.

    • I can see how it “fits in perfectly” in that it’s a great comic and a nice addition to the line from a marketing standpoint. But continuity-wise, I don’t think it fits in. It doesn’t feel “New 52” at all. It’s not a new introduction to the character, it’s just the next chapter in the ongoing story. The Weeping Woman is the only new element that we’re getting into on the ground floor. Literally every other subplot and every single character comes with a lot continuity baggage, and all their actions and rationales stem from previous continuity that we don’t see explained here. The series reads just like it would if it was originally released in fall of 2010. And Kate has dealt with turning down Bruce’s offer to join Batman Inc. It also has Cameron Chase in it, which screams arcane DC continuity from 15 years ago.

      But I’m not criticizing the series. I love it, and love all the above aspects of it that I mentioned. But I’ve heard other people say that this is one “New 52” series that they can’t really get into because it doesn’t feel new or accessible to a new reader.

    • ah … yes … as if a substantial majority of the other reboot books are accessible to young, new readers …

    • @Flap. Well, to be fare, Batwoman(2gen) is relatively new to the DC universe and what J.H is trying to do is to create her own legacy. The New 52 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gotta have intervention from other characters. Although I do want a Batman crossover with batwoman someday.

  2. Got to talk with the creators at Isotope in SF on the third. As a gay reader, I like realistic gay relationships. The story and their comments are spot on. No hyperbole: My favorite comic.

  3. so, without looking, who can tell me what happened last issue?

  4. I have been enjoying the book but I feel that it’s missing an essential element without Rucka on it.

    • Agreed, while the art is unbelievable the story is not living up to my lofty expectations. I totally understand @edwards question. I can’t really remember what happened last issue. Think I’m done after the 1st arc. Unless something amazing happens. The Rucka Tec run was unbelievably good, and this is not bad in its own right, but budget cuts may cause this to lose its place in the pull list.

  5. @edward-I follow you on this one for sure! I really do not remember much about the last issue. Not very memorable and it did take some tooth pixs to keep my eyes open while I was reading it. I do believe I am afraid I am going to miss something if I Cancel this book? Honestly; I think this is the last issue for me unless it does something worth reading or something memorable happens. I really doubt it; SORRY BATWOMAN CANCELLED!!


  6. Still in my top 5 favorites of the new 52. Love it. TONS.

  7. The art is great, and what little story there was I enjoyed. I really like the relationship between Kater and Sawyer (wait a minute…is their relationship a LOST reference?) and not jus the sexy stuff, but the character moments too, but I can’t help feeling this book would be stronger with a different writer. A double page spread for Kate climbing through a window…the double page spreads used to be filled with action, that felt like a parody of itself.

    Im really looking forward to Amy Reeder next year to see what variety she can bring….

    Still a beautiful book and no denying.


    first time i’ve seen girl on girl oral sex in a mainstream comic in…like forever. not complaining though:) very good issue, a nice step up from ish #3. hell of a little cliffhanger, can’t wait for the next one.

    • Ok, believe it or not I have put this back on my pull list! (get it-BWAAAH-HAHAHA-HAHA-HA) Sorry; pun intended!
      All kidding aside I forgot there is something I do like about this book and it was the back story and I almost forgot what happened last issue so I re-read it and now I need to see what happens next.


    • ha.

  9. This book boggles my mind how good it looks. Half the time I spend just admiring the pages wondering how long this took. J.H. Williams III needs to be cloned to draw everything until the end of time.

  10. Just remarkable.

  11. I retract my previous post. Just when I was ready to drop this title it friggin pulls me in hard. That scene with Flambird fighting the hook dude was awesome, the cruelty of the detective, and the panels of JH Williams make this a fantastic series. This issue has sold me on the series for at least the 1st year. In Batwoman, out Aquaman………..

  12. Fantastic issue! Wonderfully written and artfully drawn. Can’t wait until next month!

  13. love the art in this book, but i find it to be a chore to read because i dont really care what happens in the story and to be honest, i cant remember what happened last issue without refreshing my memory with a re-read. which is just another chore. what i have to do is clear….

  14. NIce book, art and slory.

    The only complaint is why do I have 9 pages of adds at the end, not to include the two page promo of two new 52 books and one page of DC news? Just gives me the feeling of being ripped off.

    • Because usually the ads are in between story pages, but DC seem to have decided to not interrupt JHW3’s art. You’re getting the same amount of story pages and ads as nearly every other DC comic.

    • Goes and puts his “Duh” hat on. Okay I feel silly now, was just so into the story did not realize they did not have the adds in the normal places.

    • Yea, all the pages aside from the first and last were double page spreads. There was nowhere to put an ad. But I do agree the book ending with so many pages left does make it feel a bit shorter.

    • Yep, I had a third of book left and the comic stopped. It was a bit jarring, but I did appreciate all of the big double page spreads. This is why I can’t buy Batwoman digitally; I like looking at the whole spreads.

  15. Gorgeous as always. And a good read. I’m impressed with Williams’ effort to continue breaking barriers when it comes to Kate without Rucka on board. I was skeptical about this particular artist on writing detail, but he has definitely proven that he “gets it”. Not to mention the fact that the art hasn’t suffered as a result. Which is a feat unto itself.

    And how bout the way Agent Chase got Kate’s ID out of Flamebird?! That shit was twisted! Can’t wait til this bitch gets a “POW”.

    Keep ’em coming, J.H.!

  16. I don’t get the complaints about the writing. This is just as strong as it was when it was on Detective. This issue went by fast storywise, I had to slow myself down to take in that epic art. The story was just the interesting, that I was flying through it, then when I got to the end I was upset because I wanted MORE! All those ads at the end through me off because I thought there was more to come. Took me a moment to realize there were no ads mixed in with the story.

    But just really good stuff. My pull-list right now is awesome. I’m excited for each one that comes (only FF gives me occasional pause).

    Flamebird scenes were fantastic, and now I really want to read the Chase stuff. I knew nothing about her before this series, but she is one cold motherfucker, and I think I might go pick up that Chase book when it comes out (if it hasn’t already).

  17. so many comments start like that: “I dont get….” concerning the opinions of others. it isnt supernatural.
    its all a matter of perspective. i suspect most really can understand. i guess perhaps starting a sentence like that gives one the opportunity to reinforce positive reflection of their admiration. no worries. not trying to judge. just a thought.
    some of us just are not emotionally invested in this story. i get where people would like it, though.

    • Good point. I wasn’t meaning to express my opinions in a way that dismissed others, but it does kind of come off that way.

    • im guilty of it as sure as anyone is. i, personally, didnt think you were being dismissive. i was just pointing out that a lot of comment blocks start in the same manner. u seem to be a friendly enough peer, but i have to admitt, it is a great way to start a debate over the greatness of a book. i just think the buzz and hype around this book follows suit due to the greatness of art storytelling, as opposed to the actual words being conveyed in the story.

    • The art does enough to get in its praise. This books looks like nothing I have ever seen on the stands. Any flaws in the story writing do seem to get covered up by the amazing art.

      I read a article on CBR, about Flamebird possibly being a Women in Refridgerator. I hadn’t even thought about that, because of all the main characters being women. If it had been a story where Flamebird was the only female, I might have given that pause. But with all the strong well developed characters, it just seemed like a plausible result of the super hero world. Especially with one that doesnt have any real super powers.

      My knowledge of Flamebird in the DC world, she doesn;t have any powers does she? They draw alot of flames around her, but that’s just an artistic thing right?

    • No, no powers. And the flames are her cape, which look like flames.

  18. What a well orchestrated piece of work! 5/5

  19. This book is just ah-mazing… the artwork is stellar and the story is really starting to heat up.

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