• “NIGHT OF THE OWLS” continues here!

• BATWING arrives in Gotham City just in time to fight the chaos the Court of Owls has unleashed!

• Outgunned and on unfamiliar turf, can Batwing survive?

Story by Judd Winick
Cover by Marcus To
Art by Marcus To & Ryan Winn
Color by Brian Reber
Cover by Marcus To & Brian Reber

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  1. DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    So I have a question about the Night of the Owls. I previously had only been reading Batman and Nightwing. Does this issue just elaborate on that story? Does it hurt if I havent read all of the previous issues of Batwing? I want to get the full “Night of the Owls” effect, but I also don’t want to waste my money.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Pretty sure you only have to read Batman by Scott Snyder to get the full Night of the Owls story. Any other story is ancillary and just adds details to individual characters.

      Or it just adds readers to low ranking books, ie Batwing and Red Hood.

    • Yeah just stick with The Batman and you then can grab any of the other issues if you have some extra dough. You will not be lost sticking with just the main Bat-Title by Scott Snyder and anything else you get will be a bonus. This Batwing is thee worst Batman title ever to come out as far as I am concered.


  2. I’m going to flip through this issue at the store to see if it is a necessary buy for “Night of the Owls”, otherwise I will pass.

  3. Reason why I’m buying this? Marcus To’s awesome art.

  4. “Outgunned and on unfamiliar turf, can Batwing survive?”

    Just curious, but does anyone know why does DC (or any comic publisher for that fact) still ask such questions as a way to lure readers?

    Batwing is my second favorite Bat Family-related title (Snyder/Capullo’s Batman is first, of course). Looking forward to seeing him go toe to toe with Talon (or a facsimile thereof).

    • Dude! Me too! Batwing is such an interesting take on the dark knight and the backstory is so well done!

    • Batwoman is very good as well. Also, Batman and Robin is a really solid book. And Red Hood and the Outlaws is one of my absolute favorites of the new 52. Lots of great Bat-Family books.

  5. Haven’t read this since the first issue – I thought it was tooooo slowwww – but I’m all for this Night of the Owls event, because Snyder’s set-up has been so good.

  6. Bought it for night of the owls. This, like the other tie ins so far(except Batman itself), wasn’t super exciting . I liked the line “It is as Batman has said, ‘If you see an end to the fight, do not think–take it'”. That little piece of Sun tzu-esque Batman wisdom saved this issue for me.

  7. I haven’t read this since #1 either. Is the series always this good?

  8. This series is better than this issue, AquaPimp. The opening arc was very good. I can’t wait till he gets back to Africa after this Owls interlude.

  9. The “Night of the Owls” falls on Batwing #9 during his visit to Gotham. This guy cannot catch a break! But Marcus To’s amazing pencils make it an awesome and fun night in the town. Judd Winick also ensures you dont have to read every Bat-book to undesand what’s going on.

    Please chec my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. So far the Batwing Owls Tie-In has been my favorie. In contrast, I thought the Detective Comics Tie In stunk. Could be that I just don’t resonate with Tony Daniel’s “David Fincher/Se7en” aesthetic.

    In fact, reading this one issue of Batwing spurred me to get 1-8 from my LCS (big ups to them BTW).

    My opinion of Batwing in general….

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Batwing 1-9. It’s a great retelling and relocation of the whole Batman story, not just “Batman in Africa.” He’s a regular looking guy with a horrific past — the reveal is exectued quite well– fighting against the odds.

    This is a dark book, but not the kind of “horror movie dark” I found in Detective Comics first 7 issues. Detecive comics is a good contrast/compare for Batwing. Simply put, Batwing feels “real”….Detective doesn’t.

    Ben Oliver’s art is top notch and a perfect fit, even if it is sometimes a bit sparse.

    I really hope for 3 things:

    1. That DC doesn’t cancel this title and more people take a chance with it –starting with issue #1.
    2. That DC keeps the team of Winick and Oliver; and they maintain the quailty established in the first 9 issues.
    3. That DC broaden the ethnic palette of it’s line-up with WELL-wrtten, complex characters of color. Mr. Terrific the comic was NOT good folks. Mr Terrific the character COULD be good.

    Final thought: Batwing is worth buying.

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