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Batwing comes to Gotham City!

Batwing and Batman race back to the city hoping to stop the killer Massacre from assassinating the last two members of Africa’s lost super-team, The Kingdom!

Meanwhile, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin are already on the ground leading the search.

Plus: The dark past of the Kingdom is revealed!

Written by JUDD WINICK

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  1. Should have just kept Batwing in Africa. That’s what made this book stand out to me. Now, it just fills like another BAT book.

    • Who’s to say he won’t go back in the next arc? 😉 Besides, he’s going to be with the JLI too, he’s going to travel the worlldddddddd!

    • Well at least the reasons for him being in Gotham makes sense and is connected to what his main mission is.

    • He wasn’t even in Gotham in this issue. He was in the Batplane the entire time. The real meat of the story took place in Africa with The Kingdom.

  2. I’ve been loving Batwing in Africa, but this will really tie in the Bat atmosphere. Can’t wait to see what he takes back to Africa after this!

  3. After checking out the preview for this issue, I’m really digging the different looking art and the setup.

    Six issues in and I’m still a big fan of this title!

  4. Woo! Dustin Ngyuen! I’m glad he is back on art and it makes me so happy. However I will say his Bruce looks just like his Dick Grayson. Please for the love of all that is holy keep Dustin on. Up and through Night of Owls.

  5. I was worried about the art because I was such a big fan of Olivers style and felt it fit the book perfectly but Ngyuen really knocked it out of the park. I thought the whole Bat-Family would crowd this book but they really werent in it that much. The real stars were The Kingdom and seeing them in action made my day. I felt I got a pretty good sense of the characters in such a brief window and the action was fantastic. It makes me sad that almost all of the Kingdom is dead now because I want to see more of them. Lets hope that Batwing puts his own Kingdom together. Batwing doesnt need the soft bigotry of the JLI to come in and save Africa. This African can handle it with his fellow Africans. He doesnt need westerners to save him.

  6. Too bad that Ben Oliver is leaving Batwing; still, issue #7 was very well written, and the secret of The Kingdom is… wow. The art by Dustin Nguyen was not the best fit for the theme of the issue; and maybe there was a little too much Nightwing & Robin.

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