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The mystery of the Kingdom, Africa’s first and last Super Hero team, continues.

When their former headquarters is opened to the public, its American benefactor, Bruce Wayne, is on hand. Will the villainous Massacre, who’s been murdering the lost heroes, stop by for the grand opening? If he does, it will be up to Batman and Batwing to stop him.

It’s a battle of the bats!

Written by JUDD WINICK

Price: $2.99
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  1. Still waiting for Batwing to get his freak on. What’s up Judd?

  2. Everyone seems to have an ‘unexpected surprise’ from the New 52 and for me it is Batwing. There is a coolness to this character that goes beyond your typical super-hero antics.

    Judd has done an excellent job in developing a rich, textured history for our hero and Oliver’s art has been incredible. This title seems to get lost for attention, but has maintained a ‘middle of the road’ sales record so far. To be selfish, I’m glad for its success.

    @ghostmann – I agree, it would exciting to see an unleashed Batwing!

  3. Will likely drop this at #6 if it does not improve, nice art but far too slow moving for me.

  4. this is definitly my surprise comic of the new 52. its action packed, feels like the right pace, and all in all has a strong story. the art i actually like. i dont usually go for art such as this but its rubbed off on me. will certainly continue reading

  5. Okay this issue is going to be something great.

  6. I really like this book except for the inclusion of Batman and upcoming DC universe. The Kingdom stuff is really cool, am hoping that Batwing will have a place in re-founding this pan-African superteam. And massacre has been a great villain. And, oh yea, the art is fantastic, albeit not for people who want detailed backgrounds.

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