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  1. I can’t help but laugh at the concept of this cover. It’s not bad art by any means, it just looks like Batman is on the beach, staring at a girl in a bikini, trying to summon the courage to talk to her.

  2. Hahaha your right, it does!

  3. "Um… so, uh… hot enough for you? No! That’s not good… um… come here oft– Damn! C’mon, Bruce — you can do this!"

  4. That’s great. 🙂

  5. I think I would start with "I’m a billionaire and have this physique."  Then I’d move on to "You know, this cape makes an excellent bedspread. Would you like to see a demonstration?"  Then perhaps segue to "You know, I spearheaded the recent ‘Anti-crime’ legislation while defeating a large bat on ‘New Island’."  I can only assume she would be so infatuated that her swimsuit would simply melt off.

  6. Great moments in comic book covers…

  7. @stuclach classic, nice call.

  8. "Nice legs, but you’re no Robin."


  9. Hope the art on the inside looks as nice…

  10. "Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me!"

  11. @Stepho – Thank you.

  12. Reading the above comments was more entertaining than the actual issue. 

  13. Is that a bat-a-rang in your pocket or……..oh..i see.

  14. I_I wow aquaman’s the most annoying guy ever. I mean could he have been in his business even MORE? XD That was the best. I loved it.

  15. Awh shit mayne!! I just realized I owe J’onn $20. Awwwh shit, I hope he accepts I.O.U’s cuz I just spent it all on wednesday’s comics. >_>

  16. i liked this issue and smiths writing but he does have a habit of writing out of character like with aquaman, seemed liked he was writing plasticman not aquaman, and the joker in cacophony was a bit um off. its a bit jarring at 1st

  17. @peterporker- I don’t usually notice it that much, but I did in this issue for sure. It was more like a fan-fic than a real comic, the characters were all so … out of character. Add in the weak art & you have one pretty crappy comic book.

  18. i didnt have a problem with the art until this issue. i mean look at robin for gods sake each panel hes drawn differently but in all he looks like a 40 yr old meth addict

  19. Wow, still no reviews of this yet.  I don’t even feel like reading it again to review it.

  20. I dunno, this is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, all the criticism above is totally valid…and yet, I like it!

  21. Aquaman was like this beach bum. I loved it.

  22. Anyone else notice the giant Mooby and "Buy Me Toys" shopping bag.

  23. Whatever happend to KevinSmithFan?

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