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  1. The first issue was decent, but if this one doesn’t wow me I may drop it.

  2. I agree.  I like that he gives him a bit of a differnt voice, but if it sucks i’m done.

  3. i miss old kevin smith.  he was really good.  his GA kicked ass.  now, hes just a pale version of what he was.

  4. I think he has it in him to reclaim that form.  I thought the last issue of Cacaphony (or whatever it was called) was pretty solid.  I thought the first issue of this was pretty good, too.  Maybe he just needs to lay off the weed?

  5. Agreed. He wrote better when he smoked less weed

  6. I recently went and saw a live Q&A with him and he said that he thinks this is the best comic book stuff he has ever done. He talked about writing it all when he was high and then waking up the next morning sober to read what "the other guy" wrote and loving it. Amusing story, but he does need to lay off the weed a bit. Smodcast has also suffered from the Chronic.

  7. I thought the first issue was good. Way better (especially on art) than his last series. I don’t understand all the hate it got … oh yeah, it’s Kevin Smith, lol. Dude is like a magnet for fanboys hate. Which is a bit sad, when he’s really just "one of us" & he got lucky.

  8. I loved the first issue.  Definitely picking up this issue.

  9. I’m not trying to hate.  Jay and Silent Bob Strike back is one of my favorite movies (so damn ridiculous and quotable).  I felt the first issue was pretty solid, but I have limited comic book funds, so I have to keep only the stuff I enjoy the most.  This has been good, but not great.

  10. Kevin Smith came though Minneapols recently, doing another Evening With Kevin Smith Q&A session. I guess he recently started frequently smoking a lot of pot (since hanging out with Seth Rogan during Z&M), and this is the first thing he’s written where he was annihilated for pretty much the entire writing process. I have to admit, that’s only made me more curious about the comic.

  11. I probably should just trade wait this but #1 was so fun!!

  12. @VelcroKing: You were there too!?! Great show; I will definitely be buying tickets again next time he comes through Minneapolis.

  13. The only thing widening with me is my disinterest in Kevin Smith.

  14. I liked Cacophany, but the first issue of this…well I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  I’ll buy a couple more before rendering my thumbs down.

  15. The first issue of this was VERY good.  Take away Smiths name and less people would be turning their nose up at it.  Walt’s art was excellent too… give that guy a regular gig!

  16. BIG improvement from issue #1. Wasn’t a huge fan of the first issue but this was very good. Plus Walt’s art is noticeably better each issue that he does.

  17. Crap… apparently I forgot to take this off my subscription list and I got stuck with #2

  18. Liked the first issue, really liked this one.  Looking forward to #3.

  19. Did anyone else notice on the page where Bruce is reading the paper, that Alfred has a completely different mustache in each panel, including not even having a mustache at all in one of them?

    And did Batman really call that guy a turd? 

  20. Yeah I made myself forget the "turd" comment, seemed very un-Batman-like, though it seems very Kevin Smith-like…..the rest of the issues was pretty good though so I’ll let him have that one.

  21. He told the same story when I saw him in Ann Arbor.  It definately made me want to read this series but I’ll catch the trade.

  22. This seems to be like smith is getting his sea legs back fir writing good comics. This was a pretty solid, non over sexualized or smith-flourishly diologued issue.

  23. Another great issue from Smith and Flanagan. The art was just fantastic and I just love the flashback pages. This issue was very atmospheric and very enjoyable.

  24. I say give Walt Flanagan a regular title… I would love to see him on Booster Gold or something very super-heroey along those lines.

  25. This story seems to be the who can I dig up from the past that people may not know and re-introduce them.

  26. Loved Smiths Daredevil and Green Arrow. Was really excited for this. Now after reading issue #1 and 2 im really worried about his up coming project Green Hornet.

  27. This was quite good.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I agree that Flanagan is getting better.  Good for him.

    A few too many sirs, but that’s one of Mr. Smith’s things.

  28. This issue is a vast improvement over the last, both in art and story.

    Plus I love Mr.Sienkiewicz’s cover.

  29. I’m interested in the story but the writing is off. I did have to look up the surpise character on Wikipedia cause I never heard of them.

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