A series of disturbing events captivates Gotham City as citizens turn on each other all across town. But when toxicology reports turn up negative, it’s left to Batman to determine the source of the problem, bringing him into an encounter with Tweedledum and Tweedledee at an entrance to the mysterious “Wonderland.”

With Jim Gordon occupied on a tragic, high-profile case, and madness beginning to take root across the city, can Batman find the source of it all before it’s too late?

Written by Paul Jenkins
Pencilled by Ed Benes
Inked by Rob Hunter
Color by Jeromy N. Cox
Cover by Richard Friend & Jeromy N. Cox

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  1. Weak. Pointless. Poorly written. I’m probably going to drop this after the Night of the Owls issue. PS- White Rabbit isn’t even in the book, not that anyone really gives a crap about her anyway.

  2. Wow, what the heck was that?? This has been my favorite Bat-title since issue #1 and I am very excited to see how far this goes down the rabbit hole!! I really like the White Rabbit character alot, she is not only sexy but; she really is nuttier than a fruit cake, (my kinda girl). The artwork has been very good and I really do feel like this is a Batman version of the Alice in wonderland story. My money is still on Scarecrow being the main villan because right now there have been so many villians appearing it has been like a rollcoaster of danger for the Bat. Just a few more hours and I will be reading this….


    • im with you flash923 i think rich was reading the book with his eyes closed its awesome just like a classic bat book it aint up there with scotts “batman” but it aint far off its fun , exciting yes silly in places but its an enjoyable read white rabbit is hot!! and i do hope she pops up again

    • There are a lot of people like Rich, but I’m also w/ Flash. I thought the opening arc was really good, and yes, White Rabbit is a wonderful new character. This issue is a fill-in, arriving about on schedule I’d say.

      I think what I like best about Dark Knight has been that it features the Rogues gallery that I love, and that for the most part the Bat-family hasn’t intruded. I can’t stomach more than one of ’em at a time.

      I thought the idea in a recent issue that a gas that made most people super-powered nuts made the super-powered nut Bane become super-smart was an example of what I find to be very clever writing. Another would be the thoughtful development of White Rabbit, a new villain, across all 6 issues of the opening arc. Nonetheless, there are a lot of Rich’s out there ripping the writing. Beats me.

    • Well thanks guys, I was just stating how I felt about this title and it appears I am not alone. I realize everyone has got a different opinion however; I think Rich’s was just a little to quick although if thats what he got from it????


  3. This was a nice little one shot filler issue to get us to the owls crossover before the new writer takes over with #10

  4. This is the weakest of the bat books…It has good art, but the writing seems to just take you from “surprise” to “surprise,” which after awhile, is not surprising. All of the scenes look posed. On the bright side, it was nice to see the Tweed cousins again…

  5. This scored an easy 4 for me from artwork and that beautiful cover!! the stroy line continues to keep me guessing and there is plenty of action and rogues coming out of the wood work. I just don’t know how much more the Bat can take all of this abuse before he finally breaks down??!!


  6. Storywise, Dark Knight #8 was kind of a let down -except for the Jim Gordon sequences; however, Ed Benes’ art was superb… too bad he left Red Lanterns, but he is just as welcome in this book.

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