Batman faces the Penguin in the search for his childhood friend Dawn Golden…but what The Dark Knight finds sends him on a far darker and more desperate path. Now he’s forced to reach out to Etrigan, the Demon for help – a favor that may come at too high a price!

Written by DAVID FINCH
Variant cover by ANDY CLARK

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  1. very nice! I kind of wish the coloring didn’t ruin his pencils.

  2. Freaking finally, been waiting for this for months

  3. If this would have shipped on time, I may have picked it up. Now that it is so late, it will stay on the shelf until I have a light week.

  4. Finally.  I wonder if this will only make it to #20 or so like Streets Of Gotham?

  5. I enjoyed the first issue…however, I’m going to have to dig into my box to reread issue #1 again to remember what happened.

  6. @robbydzwonar  Frankly, I think that’s an optimistically high number.

  7. What happened here? Did this series switch to a “Planetary” schedule?

  8. First issue was pretty cool, but this isn’t the kind of book I can be bothered waiting months for.

  9. They should just release his pencils without the color. The color ruins Finch’s art.

  10. @AmirCat  I totally see this as a black & white hc.

  11. You had me with “Penguin”.

  12. If I hadn’t preordered this one, I wouldn’t be picking it up. A book that’s already this delayed and is set entirely in its own little corner makes me want to read it in trade, not wait three months for the next issue.

  13. I’m down for this.  I don’t know how much more interested I will be when the story turns focus to this Etrigan Demon fellow, but the Penguin is enough to keep me on for now…

  14. @JeffR  Pretty much exactly how I feel

  15. Still not sure what to make of the story so far. I like the black magic angle Finch seems to be taking, but I have no idea where he’s going with this.

    But that doesn’t really matter, because these visual are bonerrific! His Batman is reminiscent of Jim Lee in all the right ways, while still maintaining all the good bits that make him such a big artist. His faces used to all look the same, but he’s grown tremendously in the last few years. Not a big fan of his Penguin though. I’m all for artistic liberties, but it’s like a Sam Keith character wandered into the wrong book. It just doesn’t fit.

    How bout that ricochet tripline gadget? Pretty sure it’s impossible, but damn it was cool.

  16. Yeah I’m loving the art in this but I’m not loving the story as much…..maybe the conclusion to the arc will change my mind.

  17. The art was good, the Jim Lee comparisons are there, but I’d say Finch has some Kubert and McFarlane in him too.  I’ve never seen Penguin done this way, I’ll give him credit for that, but I think this was poorly written.
  18. Amazing- really.

    Look at that image and tell me it’s not appropriate humor.

    batman isn’t looking at her eyes- or her face or Anything else.

    The artist is purposefully directing your attention – for a reason.

    The idea that super hero comics in general are filled with sexual images and over the top innuendo
    but yet the comic fanboy community acts like over protective big brothers of little sisters who would never consider such blashphemy-


  19. these bat titles are now decadent in totality. B&R is lackluster after Grant, “Batman” is weak, Confidental and Streets got what they deserved, INC is too delayed and this, this is just over the top delayed and irrelevant.
    this coming from a huge bat fan.

  20. this series somehow feels really dated and out of touch to me. something 90s-ish about it.

  21. As much as I love any appearance of Etrigan, narratively this issue is a bit of a mess. Too much at once, no real flow.

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