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  1. This was another solid issue by Hurwitz. Batman got to be about as heroic as one can be and there were some nice moments with Damian, Alfred, and Natalya. The art was gorgeous. I’m really going to miss Finch but I look forward to Van Sciver. I see what the reviewer meant about this ending to the Scarecrow arc feeling a bit rushed, but to be honest I was getting ready to move on. So full speed ahead to the ch-ch-ch-changes coming next issue!

    Can someone explain to me the final page between Batman and Scarecrow? Scarecrow is inside his home and sees the little girl victim in the car outside. Batman busts down the door. Scarecrow vomits blood and collapses. WTF??

    Enjoyable issue, although for me there was something patently gross about Batman flying in the batplane spraying some version of his blood on the city?! “You’re cured everyone, but er…uh, sorry about the hepatitis!”

    • I was confused about the ending too with Scarecrow. It was right after he saw the kid in the back of the cop car. So maybe he was having flashbacks about himself? When he was rescued by the cops from his Father abusing him? I thought of the moment in Friday the 13th part 8 when Jason sees the water coming in the tunnel and he thinks back to when he drowned the first time and starts puking up water. Probably most won’t also think of that connection, I’m just a freak. 😉

  3. Also wrap up to this Scarecrow story arc. VERY sad to see Finch leaving too, awesome artist.

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