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  1. Does anyone know if those are stand alone stories or am I going to buy this and Batman 65 is part 2 of 5 or something like that?

  2. Back then they were all stand alone stories.

  3. That cover looks amazing!

  4. I wonder how many people could have benefited from this during R.I.P.?

    I’m guessing a lot.


  5. This is gonna be insane, I can just feel it. Golden Age insanity right here.

  6. Yeah, some of these stories should have been released as a reprint like a year ago. That would have helped some people. Months before RIP even started Morrison was referencing the original "Zur-En-Arrh" story, "Robin Dies at Dawn", and the Joe Chill story. Instead of releasing those stories in one 48-page reprint special 12-14 months ago, DC decides to release this trade 8 months after RIP ends. Strange decision-making. I did have access to most of these stories anyway, and it did enhance my enjoyment of Morrison’s run while it was coming out.

  7. No review?

    I keep wanting to get this on Ebay but I STILL haven’t heard anybody say if it is good or bad.

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