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It’s a showdown that could shatter two worlds when Batman and Superman battle the Superman and Batman of Earth 2!

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Jae Lee, Yildiray Cinar
Colors by June Chung, Matt Yackey, & John Kalisz
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Jae Lee, June Chung, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & John Kalisz

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I really dig the cover. It’s basically Superman in Batman’s pose. No one does it better than Bats.

  2. It’s a good cover. Although I think the coloring makes Superman’s shirt stand out a bit too much. Almost looks like it is bleeding off his body because there isn’t much inking going on.

  3. Can’t wait till Wednesday to get my grubby paws on this comic so I treat my eyes to Jae Lee’s beautiful artwork.

    Speaking of which, I d ok believe it’s time for this week’s Top 5 List!!!

    MY TOP 5 COMIC BOOK ARTISTS (currently drawing a comic that I’m reading, natch)

    1. Jae Lee
    2. Greg Capullo
    3. Esad Ribic
    4. Sara Pichelli
    5. Mikel Janin

  4. Really liked the second issue. I wish Earth One’s Catwoman was more like Earth Two’s.

  5. I’m so excited for this and the next issue but so disappointed that DC thinks Brett Booth a suitable/consistent back-up for Jae Lee and that will be beginning with #5. What was wrong with Ben Oliver?

  6. Great story so far. Hate all of the back-up artists, though. Would it be unfair to give stellar artists more time to draw out their pages? Like Jae Lee and Frank Quitely?

    • Since the launch of The New 52 DC has put a premium on using fill-in artists to get the books out on time. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Give certain artists extra time to draw, people will complain. Use fill-in artists, people will complain. At least this way they get the sales every month with the complaints.

    • Very true. I myself don’t care for delays, but DC (along with a good number of fans) seem adamant on keeping with their established week-by-week schedule.

      To me, keeping up on such a harsh schedule may keep consistency in sales, but overall hurts in quality.

  7. EDIT: I mean I don’t MIND delays.

    • I’m with you on that one. Like look at Manhattan Projects for example; it is never, ever on time but the quality in writing and art is better for it.

    • I wish people would realize that delays are just a fact of existence for high quality comic books. A lot of my favorite comics (Hawkeye, Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Locke and Key ect) get delayed all the time and I couldn’t care less. Actually I might buy more comics if I was getting the ones I like less often. I understand it from DC as a business decision but as a fan it’s just another annoying aspect of the New 52.

    • I understand the occasional need to delay a comic to ensure quality, but too many time that one month delay often turns into a six month delay. At that point the story loses too much momentum.

    • I’d agree on the six month + delay ala Secret but if say these comics came out once every two months not only would I have no problem with that I think that would be the ideal solution for a lot of these titles both on a business and creative level for all parties involved.

  8. I loved the flashback scenes in this book.

  9. Did anyone else find it hard to follow the story? A book with two Supermans and two Batmans made it a bit hard for me to figure who was who. Didn’t have that issue at all the last two issues but here that was a problem. Still a fun comic and the art was pretty good. Shame that Lee couldn’t do the whole thing but at least switching to Cinar made sense thematically for the issue. His pencils were really good but him and Lee don’t really mesh well.

    Not the strongest issue by any means (especially with #2 being my POTW last month) but I’m still enjoying this series.


  10. great issue, really loved the page with Alfred and Pa Kent watching the ‘boys’ play together, just great.

  11. Really good issue. My favorite of the three. Surprisingly touching. For a minute there it really felt like Loeb’s initial run on the previous S/B. Really nice characterization all around.

    Personally I think it’s a smart move to go with a completely different style if your going it have a filler artist. Particularly if it’s a flashback sequence of a different setting. I’m really hoping Jae Lee get to take a crack at Apokolips, or at least some of its inhabitants. That Darkseid page was one of my favorites. Good stuff.

    How bout Lee on Wonder Woman? Man, she is stunning in this book. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chiang’s work, but for a dramatic change of pace I think Lee’s style would be really interesting with Azzarello’s new pantheon. Provided he can keep a schedule.

    • Jae on WW +1

    • how dare you disagree with me bro!

    • “For a minute there it really felt like Loeb’s initial run on the previous S/B…”

      Bingo! I think the reason is quite intentional – and awesome. 10 years ago, in a two-page Loeb/Sale story called “When Clark Met Bruce: A Tale from the Days of Smallville” at the back of SUPERMAN/BATMAN SECRET FILES & ORIGINS 2003, we see young Clark playing baseball with Pete Ross when they stumble upon a young, sad boy (Bruce) in the back of a black Rolls as his butler (Alfred) changes the tire. Clark immediately feels for the boy and wonders to Pete if they should ask him to play with them, but it doesn’t happen. And in Clark’s narration at the end, he says “I still wonder if we should’ve asked him to play. If it would’ve made a difference.” So here, in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #3 by Pak/Lee/Cinar – on the New52’s Earth 2 – we get to see that beautiful moment from a decade ago fleshed out into a fuller story – to see that Clark was onto something: it did indeed make a difference, befriending Bruce way back when.

      Needless to say, the Loeb/Sale story from 10 years ago was a favorite of mine, and I was greatly impressed to see how Pak/Lee/Cinar paid homage to it in their latest issue of this title, which I was already loving.

  12. Absolutely delightful!! Maybe it’s that it’s new, but this may now be the most exciting book I’m currently reading. Loved everything about it!

  13. I guess I need it spelled out for me. Which Earth are the respective Supermen/Batmen from? If grownup Supes is from Earth then why isn’t his costume like Supes in the main books? If Tshirt Superman is from Earth 2 does that mean the first arc of Action Comics was on Earth 2? How many alternate universe stories can one Superman be a part of at one time? I guess the new 52 was referring to parallel universes and not the number of books. C’mon somebody help me get this straight and then maybe I can be excited about how wonderful the book is.

    • The younger versions are from the regular new52 universe, or Earth one or whatever they want to call it, and the older ones are from earth 2.

      So jeans and shirt Superman is from Earth one.

  14. Couldn’t bring myself to buy a 3.99 book with only half the pages Jae Lee art.

    I see the top six books here are all 3.99, so nobody gives a damn, but at least the one I bought, Justice League, was 32 pages.

  15. Enjoying Jae’s art. Decent issue, especially for a slow week.

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