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  1. This has really shaped up into quite the series. I dropped it’s "sister title," so I’m a little worried I’ll be missing some of the Hush action.

  2. I think all you need to know is that Hush, obviously disguised as Bruce Wayne, has abducted Harlely Quinn, and Catwoman & Poison Ivy are trying to rescue her cuz they’re kinda buds now.  Strange times brings for strange bedfellows, you know?

  3. @robbydzwonar – Well summarized.

    @PraxJarvin – I also dropped "DC Divas".  I’m giving this another issue.  Unfortunately, Dini isn’t working as well for me as I had hoped. 

  4. great cover

  5. This is the second best Bat-book right now for me (after Detective). My full list in order you ask? Oh right, you didnt. Anyways … — 

    1. Detective Comics

    2. Streets Of Gotham

    3. Batman & Robin

    4. Batman

    Last place is a tie — Gotham Divas (lol) & Red Robin. Both are pretty bad (IMO)

  6. Batman & Robin at number 3, huh?

  7. I wish Sirens was as good as this book.

  8. @WadeWilson – B&R at #3?  Interesting.  Are Detective Comics and Streets of Gotham just incredibly good, in your opinion, or is there something in B&R that you aren’t liking? 

  9. Nguyen is really doing some nice covers on this book.

  10. Wow, that’s a great cover. This has been a pretty solid book so far. Me likey.

  11. There are a substantial numbrer of books that I would try out with this creative team.  But I really do not want Dini to leave the Bat family…ever.

  12. this is the only bat book that doesnt suck. screw b&r

  13. @PraxJarvin- Detective is way ahead of the pack for me. I think both ‘Streets’ & B&R are good books. I am just enjoying ‘Streets’ slightly more because I like books that cover more of Gotham, & not just focus on Batman.

  14. So far I’ve been digging this.  I want more of Gotham’s Cops on the beat.

  15. @jester-  yeah i am definitely enjoying this, but i thought this was supposed to focus on the cops and supporting characters of gotham.

  16. This was really, really good. No cops in sight, but who cares– terrific.  And the backup story is good, too.  Easily the 3rd best Batbook, behind Batmand and Robin and Detective Comics.

    Although I wish all the creators would agree on how old Damian is, and how big he is.

  17. @WadeWilson Actually, Stuclach asked but I was also wondering. ;-_

    You know, I don’t mind Winnick’s run but there’s no reason this couldn’t have been told in Batman. Loved this issue. 5/5 for me. Close to being my POTW. A great package all around. Even loved the co-feature.

  18. The moral is, never help the poor, because Batman might need to buy a helicopter.

    I like the art in this, but the stories aren’t doing a lot for me.  Dropping it.

  19. @micahmyers yeah no cops here it seems to focus is on Hush but that isn’t a bad thing.

  20. @ohcaroline Also that Nuns will take money from anyone, no questions asked. 😉

  21. @Prax sounds like the confessionals are getting used for something else.

  22. @Prax  Well, they DID think he was Bruce Wayne!

  23. This book was really fantastic. The main tale was put together beautifully, and I loved the "Welcome home Mr. Elliot" moment. This doesn’t come to mind when I think of all of my favorite books, but a few more issues like this and it just might. Even the co-feature was pretty darn perfect. Very close to being a 5, but alas, 4/5.

  24. Hush got owned. I really like the Damien Robin and I love his interactions with Hush.

    "Don’t tell me you are crushing on Katana?" :>


    And the art is kicking ASS!


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