With Bruce Wayne soon to return to Gotham City, the secret past lives of his parents, Thomas and Martha, have come back to haunt the family legacy in chapter three of this 6-part sequel to “Heart of Hush”! What bizarre experience in their past is connected to a horrible plan that Tommy Elliot has set in motion?

And in the co-feature, Two-Face’s desperate grab at power continues as he and his gang hold an entire subway train hostage! But how could he possibly escape capture with the FBI waiting for him at the next stop?

Written by PAUL DINI
Co-feature written by IVAN BRANDON
Co-feature art by RAMON BACHS & JOHN LUCAS

Price: $3.99
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  1. Not sure I’m buying this. I want to read the "house of hush"-arc, but those damn solicits don’t make sense. I will first have to check the pages. I don’t get that a professional company like DC keeps giving wrong information like this.

  2. If this is indeed the Hush storyline, I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Is Dini writing this?  Is someone else?  Who can guess?  But the answer will determine whether or not I give them my $3!

  4. @MisterJ: You mean FOUR dollars!!

    If this doesn’t have the second part of the House Of Hush story, or some part of it for that matter, then I’m leaving it right there on the rack like I’ve been doing with Tec since Batwoman bounced.  The December solicit says the same thing this one does!!  And if this actually is part 3 of HOH, what happened to part 2?  I only read part one which was only like 11 fucking pages!!  

    I’m about to just say, "fuck it" and wait for the hardcover in 2013

  5. @robby-You’re right!  I am just used to most of the DC products that I buy being $3

    Also, I love the running gag on DC’s trade schedule

  6. Mister J:  That’s why I decided to just tradewait Avengers stuff after all their books went up to $4 for the same amount of pages.  Marvel’s trades don’t even take all that long to come out, so we’re better off just tradewaiting and saving some loot.  I’ll keep myself busy with all the DC issues I read since I read more DC anyway, but they already have a good amount of titles that are $4 with no added features now too!!  Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, I’m looking at you!! 

  7. this book has lost a lot of steam with me.  Especially since it started so strong.  I am trying to find a GOOD batman title yall.  I really am.  

    It’s ashame.  Almost EVERY other batman universe title is amazing, besides anything with batman.  Go figure. 

  8. @jtrem:  Read Batman & Robin.  It is the best superhero book on the racks.

  9. I liked the back-up , but the main story in this was so boring that I fell asleep 17 times per page.

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