The most anticipated miniseries of 2010 continues! As Bruce Wayne’s astonishing journey through time continues in this 6-issue miniseries, The Dark Knight travels to the eras of high seas thievery! Mastermind writer Grant Morrison’s most ambitious project to date continues to chronicle the return of the original man behind the cape and cowl – Bruce Wayne! Featuring the dynamic artwork of YANICK PAQUETTE.

Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

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  1. I have to admit my interest in this book has waned a bit, but I’m still onboard. Pirate Batman could be the turning point.

  2. I’m looking most forward to the personal relationships he makes in each time (the cave boy in ish 1 and the lady friend in ish 2).  Could there also be a pirate Alfred here somewhere?

  3. I’m still totally hyped for this book.  

    @misterckent: I’m thinking of a pirate man/woman with the last name of "Kyle" myself. Plus the Pennyworth’s wouldn’t be pirates–they’d be in the Royal Navy, and Pennyworth might help Bruce out with a wound. 😀

  4. Gotta love pirates.

  5. Bring it on! #1 left me a bit underwhelmed, but #2 rocked my socks off.

    Drink up me ‘earties. Yo Ho!

  6. I can’t wait!!!!

  7. What wheelhands said.  Issue #1 was kind of mindless, but last issue got back to the Wayne mythology and cool Morrison-esque ideas that have defined his BATMAN run.

  8. What is up with Superman and Green Lantern saying that if Bruce returns it will end everything? Is there a lead in series to this I missed that details what they are talking about? Or is this some kids of big reveal that is forthcoming?

  9. @USPUNX – They uncovered a plot by Darkseid; he’s using Bruce as some kind of timebomb to destroy the world (or something) if he gets back to the present.  But Bruce being Bruce, he already knows and found a way to defuse it.  Much like everything else Morrison writes, it was very confusing and very interesting.

  10. Pirates. That’s all I need to know.

  11. I think the big reveal on how Bruce is a time continuum bomb is still to come. I loved both 1 and 2. Extra doses of Morrison weirdness and some really cool art. I have been surprised how polarizing this mini has been so far. So far Batman has fought Cavemen and a Lovecraftian demon beast. Weirdness abounds. Paquette is not one of my favorites, so we’ll see how this goes. But for goodness sakes: Bat-Pirate!

  12. @cutty: Thanks. Does all that take place in Final Crisis or somewhere else?

  13. @JimBilly – Agreed, I’m loving this and the variety/madness of it. And, this issue has Pirates! Pirates!! Surely, it’ll be good.

  14. Outstanding cover. Loving this series. More please.

  15. @USPUNX: That’s all been laid out in this series.

  16. This series has been great so far. and pirate batman looks like a beast. Pumped.

  17. Pirates


    Everything should be awesome and then some. If anything it SHOULD be better then the crap we got last issue. 

  18. I just started reading Morrison’s Batman when Batman and Robin #1 came out, and I am loving this series so far. Not too much confusion really.

  19. Did people really like ROBW#2 more than #1? Huh, otherway around for me.

    Looking forward to some Batpirate action, if we can keep the amount of pages with Superman to a minium that would be great.

  20. Return of Batman by travelling through time = Good

    Pirate Batman = AWESOME 


  21. This was 1000% better then last issue. Which was garbage.

    Bruce surrounded by Pirates was awesome and Morrison definitely knows how to write them. I am a little shocked by how easily Bruce is getting his memories back. He pretty much remembers everything about his true self except on how he got to this point. That and the segway with the JLA was a bit off.

    Other then that though this was a fun comic to read. Paquette is an amazing artist and I need to find more of his work. 

  22. I was thinking "wow, where have I seen this awesome interior art before?" and it hit me that Yanick Paquette drew the amazing arc in Wolverine: Weapon X written by Jason Aaron where Wolverine is in an insane aslyum which was SO good, my favorite arc in that series by far…I am stoked on this, I hope Paquette gets plenty of more work (preferrably on books I enjoy, hehe).

  23. Jonah Hex?!

  24. Finally, an issue I actually liked. Pirate Batman should be an ongoing.

  25. Hexxxxxxx! Frackin awesome surprise.

  26. I hate to say this as I never thought I’d be brought out of a story because of something like this, but… Did anybody else think Tim looked 50lbs heavier and 15 years older in his cameo?

  27. @intergy: The only part of the issue I had problems with. Paquette did an amazing job with all the pirate stuff…..the DCU heroes? Not so much. Plus he seems to also reference an incident in the next B&R issue which is delayed for two weeks. So that’s annoying.

    The moment I saw Jonah Hex and realized he is going to be the ‘antagonist’ next issue makes me feel so happy. Sad that Cameron Stewart won’t be drawing Hex, but happy none the less.

  28. Solid issue. Lots of fun piratey goodness. Could’ve used a bit more focus on the mystery of Bruce’s journey home, but still a good read. 

    Paquette knocks it out of the park with this one. The art on this series has been anything but boring. Bring on #4! 

  29. Awesome. Easily my favorite of the three so far. Loving it. 4/5

    Also… did anyone else notice Hal was sitting in on the JLA conference, but he’s supposed to be off with Superman, Booster and Rip Hunter?  

  30. @prax what in hey who are you talking about?

  31. This was awesome!! 😀

    Enough pirate-y goodness to enjoy on its own, enough cute ties to the other issues to make it work as a mini series.

  32. @Vadamowens An odd art mistake.

  33. Were you saying that he was supposed to be with the Time Vanishers team?

  34. @Prax: Good call on Hal being at the table. I noticed him there but it didn’t even occur to me. He’s also wearing green gloves instead of white. Maybe it’s not our Hal, but a different Hal from a universe where GLs wear green gloves.  🙂

    @vadamowens: Hal is on the team in Time Masters

  35. @VadamOwens I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I said without using the team name.

    @Wheelhands I think it’s supposed to be Kyle but they miscolored the hair. 😉 

  36. Um, Ok?

  37. Boy, this is one highly entertaining issue! I liked the previous issue well enough, but this literally had chuckling to myself so that that my wife had to ask what was so funny. Strangely, my response of "Pirate Batman!" didn’t really help her understand. Glad to see everyone here understands.

  38. Really like this series. Don’t find it confusing it at all. Liked last ish’ a bit more than this one, but then, I hate pirates. So there’s that.

  39. I agree – way better than #2. The art was a huge improvement, and the story was much better. The JLA segment was rather abrupt, but I’ve come to expect that with Morrison.

     @intergy – Yeah, Tim looked too heavy and much older than he should be. Also, Damian seemed too tall where he and Dick were at the hatch. Otherwise, I liked the art a lot.

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