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BATMAN: ODYSSEY is back in a new volume from legendary writer/artist Neal Adams!

It’s finally happened: Batman must kill or be killed. The threat is real and can’t be stopped by man or hero. To combat it, Batman must bring time itself to a standstill so that he can embark on an odyssey of self-discovery to a place unknown to mankind, where he can find himself. But is this a place where only failure awaits?

Written by NEAL ADAMS
Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS
B&W variant cover by NEAL ADAMS

Price: $3.99
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  1. i really hope it’s as insane as the first series!

  2. Was the first series any good? The art on the cover is enough to have me tempted to pick it up. Somebody please advise whether the writing is worth a shit…

    • The writing kind of was shit, so I would say it is worth a shit. It was a crazy rambling mess. I could only take it for two issues before fearing for my sanity.

  3. ha ha. it’s never going to end

  4. OOh man, if you like crazy stories, being told while in another crazy story than read this book!! The joy that overwhelmed me when I found out that this was coming back! So stoked!!!

  5. I might get this. I have a feeling even if I bought the previous 6 issues I wouldn’t understand what was going on anyways.

  6. Adams’ art has been off lately and I think it’s not him, it’s whoever is inking and coloring.

    The cover to this looks good, though, so maybe this will be an exception to the rule.

  7. This could be the strangest comic I have ever read.

    There is just….no words for it really. I really think Adams has lost his marbles, that has to explain this bizarre comic. Even if this was a somewhat gag on how corny the era was in his writing (which is what I kinda get with this) from the 70s-80s. The art was strange too because of the many inkers and ton of CG used for the backgrounds. I mean the pencils by Adams in general are great; but too many inkers really damage what could have been great.

    It was an experiment in the first place to read this but it’s safe to say I won’t be reading this in issues….maybe in trade.


  8. This is Adams trying to outcrazy Frank Miller. If he he had just kept the characters in their iconic costumes, I could have at least just look at the pages, but I can’t even do that. What a shame — Adams returning to Batman should have been killer. Instead, it’s one of the worst comic book series ever produced. Yep. It’s that bad.

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