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The fourth chapter of Neal Adams’ epic Batman tale sees Bruce Wayne confronted with a terrible moment that harks back to his origin. Will this shocking episode derail Batman from his Odyssey? Guest-starring Aquaman, Deadman, Talia and Man-Bat!

Written by NEAL ADAMS
Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS
Black and white variant cover by NEAL ADAMS

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. OK, that was too weird, even for me.  Aquaman looked great but I had no clue why he had just shown up.

  2. nothing in this book made sense!  How did it possibly get a 3.4 rating?  The dialogue was terrible and the story seems to just be a string of random occurances.  Really great art for the most part, but terrible story telling.  That guy really thought his daughter was dead when she was only grazed? And what was with Alfred and his "solemn vow"?  He was pretty nonchalant about bringing it up, but didn’t want Bruce to know about it?  Plus, I have yet to understand why Dick is wearing Tim’s costume.  Oh, and I think there was at least one or two spots where the word balloons were messed up.

  3. This comic is awful and unreadable. The writing is just terrible. It feels nothing like a Batman book and feels like a kids comic.

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