• The fight to reclaim Gotham City begins!

• Batman, Inc., takes the offensive against Talia and Leviathan!

• It’s Damian vs. Heretic — and if Damian loses, the city dies!

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham
Cover by Chris Burnham
Variant Cover by Tony S. Daniel & Chris Burnham

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  1. Starting to get going now, good times coming!

  2. Another wonderful cover ruined by an Arrow ad…

    Loving this series, though!

  3. Pretty and action-packed!

  4. I am glad I stuck with this… The fist issues (pre New 52) where very confusing…

    • I agree. But I went back and read the hardcover collection, and found that the story felt lest disparate and more intentionally and intricately woven together than when I read the issues separately. I have a feeling the post-New 52 version will be much the same.

  5. Since Grant Morrison is done with this series on issue #12, Batman Inc. will be ending all together, correct?

    • That is my understanding yes.

    • It would be a mistake if they did. A strong creative team could really keep this one at the top of the sales charts. However, reviving the title as a ‘sequel’ of sorts in a couple of years would also be lucrative. I’d be on board to buy either. I love this book so very, very much.

  6. Are we finally going to figure out who The Heretic is?

  7. Kinda wish Action Comics had a dash of the mad glee injected into it that this title has. The editorial reigns must be more stifling for Morrison due to its flagship status. Can Bats kill his own son to save Gotham? I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision…..sorry, kid.

    • Morrison knows the score, he worked on 52 back in the day, you wins some battles you lose some. That said, i’d hazard a guess that Morrison like Johns Snyder & Lemire, has a fair bit of muscle when it comes to story.

    • I listened to the Happy podcast a while back, and Morrison basically said that Big 2 editors don’t interfere with his ideas. I took that as what we see is what he wanted. I would venture he gets about as much pull (if not the most) of any writer out there. In a huge crossover with three other writers, probably not the case. Still not sure why people haven’t liked his run on Action. No psychotic bloodshed, but all kinds of other crazy fun.

  8. Thought the book had lost its way and was confusing, seems to be starting to go somewhere now. Whole book doesn’t seem to fit in the New52 universe though?

    • Do any of them?

      This stands alone. It could precede DOTF, but Burnham tweeted that it does tie in to the crossover somehow. We’ll see.

    • It was in New 52 “Batman and Robin”, issue with all 4 Robins, and Jason Todd references the money that is on Damien’s head. “Shouldn’t you be hiding at home?” Or something to that effect. Haven’t seen DOTF references though, and my guess is it will be minimal.

  9. It’s going to be bittersweet when this comes to an end. On one hand, I’ll miss Morrison’s Batman very much. On the other hand, we’ll be left with a Batman run for the ages. Starting with Batman and Son, this is one of my favorite explorations of the character in my 20+ year history with Batman. I can’t wait to read it all again when it’s all wrapped up.

    • Oh, I totally agree. The first issue of Batman and Son (Batman #655 I believe) is the first issue of Batman I ever picked up, just by coincidence. The stars must have aligned that day because what awesome timing that was. I have been reading all the Bat Family titles ever since. And have read Morrison’s run over and over again up to this point.

    • Agreed. What an incredible run.

      PS – Dan, you lucky guy! If I could have jumped onto any Batman title at any time, it would quite possibly be the one that you did.

    • And it was totally unintentional. Just crazy how things work out. It was meant to be I think.

  10. All praise The Batman

  11. So, who else is really really upset if the Knight is actually dead?

    I’ve been holding back on commenting about it because I was hoping against hope that he’d still be alive in this one somehow, but it now looks pretty cut and dried to me. Cyril has been one of the high points of Morrison’s run. I’ve really enjoyed every panel he’s appeared in (and, in addition to that, I’m a big fan of Paul Cornell’s ‘Knight & Squire’ miniseries).

    I really hope he survived somehow. What do you guys think?

  12. Is it just me or do you guys have this strong feeling that Tim is knocking on Death’s door in this whole thing?

  13. Great issue. POTW.

    Things are really heating up. This is perhaps the most exciting part of a long Morrison run; the last four or five issues where he ties everything back in and reminds you why he’s a creative genius. There’s so much flowing in his wake this time around, and it’s going to be really fun to watch it all come together. I’m still waiting to see if he’ll tie the creepy Leviathan children into Seven Soldiers somehow (they appeared in the Guardian and Klarion stories), but it may just be a callback and nothing more. So much to remember! I think I’m gonna read it all again starting from Batman and Son before the final issue comes out. I love this shit!

  14. Another great issue, but this was really just the build-up for next issue’s confrontation. Can’t wait for next month!

  15. The nightmare continues! This was a kick ass issue. It reminded me of “The Empire Strikes Back” because things are not going well for our heroes. Loved it! Can’t wait for the next issue. Godspeed, Damian!

  16. The last issue felt like it was all over the place, this one kind of straightened out the pacing for me.

    Personally, Morrison’s run has been decent but I’m ready to end this Damian saga and just get to whatever comes next.

  17. Best book on the stands. Burnham is KILLING IT on this thing.

  18. So is this in a separate continuity than the rest of the Bat comics…or at least take place at a very different time?

  19. I thought this piece hit the nail on the head with regards to Morrison’s run.

  20. Wrenching emotional losses, the world on the brink of insanity, Batman trapped in a safe being hurled off a skyscraper, the 3 former robins working together in Bruce’s absence, and Damian tames a cat just before coming to consensus with Alfred that he should defy his grounding punishment to save his dad, the rest of the Bat-family, and the world.

    All in a day’s work for the greatest long-form Batman story ever told by the world’s greatest living comic book writer and an artist well on his way to becoming one the best of this decade…

  21. Ah, I’ll have to go back and check. Maybe he was hurled off a skyscraper into a pool. Whatever it was, he looked extremely uncomfortable and was no help to Dick and the rest of the guys…

  22. Another fine issue. I will be sad when Morrison’s run ends.

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