Superstar writer Grant Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette have sent The Dark Knight on a trip to Japan and Argentina, but now Batman’s taking a brief breather back in his home base of Gotham City for a team-up with Batwoman!

Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

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  1. Yes! Kate’s gonna be in this one.

  2. This has to be wrong. Unless the Gaucho adventure will be concluded in the first couple of pages….which seemed unlikely judging the last issue.

  3. Hmmm.

  4. The solicit for #3 had an error, too.

  5. Errors or not, a faster Batwoman release will get no argument from me.

  6. Needless to say, awesome cover.

  7. HURRAY! Burnham on art!

  8. That cover is kind of amazing, looking forward to this issue, didn’t love the last one so much.

  9. i assume everyone that whined about the last issue’s lateness is going comment about how awesome it is that we’re getting an early issue

  10. @edward: I was going to comment how great it is that we’re getting two in one month.  Good thing, too.  I think they’ve solicited issue #8 already.  

  11. Yay! Back on track!

  12. I couldn’t even understand what the hell happened last issue so I hope they don’t refer to it all that much!!  Cheers to an installment of Batman Inc I actually interpret!!

  13. Chris Burnham is awesome! Can’t wait for this.

  14. Is that it for Paquette?  I loved his art in the first 3 issues.

  15. @Texas

    No, I believe Morrison is being late so they’re alternating artists to make up for him. 

  16. @edward: Nope, this is still technically late since it was originally solicited for February. Not whining, just saying.

  17. It looks like Yanick comes back for issue #5, Burnham does issues #6-7, and Scott Clark comes in for the recently solicted 8th issue.

    Also….looks like this issue has nothing to do with what happened last issue. 

  18. So I get Batman , Batwoman , Grant Morrison and J H William III !  Sold.

  19. @froggulper  i’m going to allow it

  20. What happened to the Gaucho story? Is it being retconned out already?

  21. So, is DC’s editorial plan for us to buy this and let it sit until Paquette can finish upthe last arc?

  22. Why don’t we wait to read it before we decide that it has nothing to do with the current arc?

  23. I have lost all interest in this series, I will be buying this for Batwoman alone. I don’t think I’ll be bothering any more with Inc. anymore.

  24. You think somebody could sound off about what happened last issue because I’m still totally lost about it!!  PLEASE?!

  25. On Robot 6 (on CBR) there was a quote by Yanick saying he may, or may not be delayed to do the fifth issue for this.

    So we may have yet another delay or we may just have a fill-in artist do it.

    Apparently Yanick’s digital style is too slow for Morrison’s taste because he’s shipping him scripts faster then he can draw them. 

  26. @robbydzwonar –You seem to say that alot. Just go back and read it slower or something. I thought it was pretty straight forward…

  27. @robbydzwonar  I HIGHLY recommend David Uzumeri’s  annotations on Morrison’s Batman run. they are fantastic for getting all the little Morrison-y nuance to these sort of issues. These issues are challenging, but working them out is worth it.

  28. This has Batwoman in it! Although more on the 1950s Batwoman and not today’s Batwoman!

    This was…..god I don’t really know what to say. The origin story for Kathy Kane was good, but I’m not sure what the point of it was. Plus Batwoman (today’s version) seemed to only be here just to introduce the mislead for the entire issue. Then the overall story of El Gaucho/Bruce seemed to typical on how it got to it’s end point for the issue. Not sure how Morrison is gonna make this one more issue next month. (If Yanick can finish an issue on time that is) Speaking of art, Burnham’s art was definitely the high point of the issue. A great style that’s a mix of Williams III, Quitely, and Darrow. A definite better look at his style then Batman and Robin #16. Can’t wait for his issues in the coming months.


  29. This was the wackiest one yet. And I loved it. Morrison is starting to give us a taste of his overarcing mystery here, and Dedalus looks like a classic GMo creeper. Burnham really does a great job here, but Fairbairn’s colors definitely help to sell the concept of mixed styles/eras. It may be hard to see exactly how Kathy’s going to fit in to the final product, but Morrison does a really nice job of updating/Grantinizing her origin. Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

  30. This was so fucking excellent.

    For those a bit lost, I’d recommend these annotations on issue #3:

    And it couldn’t hurt to read The Black Glove again, where El Sombrero first appears!

  31. Oooh, I REALLY dug this issue.

  32. another knock out of the park for Morrison and Burnham is just the delicious, sexy icing on the cake. I love how GMo has dropped the subtly from his references to silver age batman and just full on embraces it in this issue. haters: deal with it

  33. I tought this was great, way better than last issue.  I’d love to have a poster of that cover.

  34. To me this was the best issue yet of the series,,,,loved the art and the flash back stuff was really funny to me, Great last page too 5/5

  35. Fantastic issue, best of series so far.


  36. Didnt make it to the LCS last night, but I did catch up on issue 3. I hope this one is not as indecipherable as issue 3 was. I love Morisson, but if you come back from such a huge delay with a sub par issue I’m bound to lose some interest.

  37. So… What about a dense issue means “sub par,” again?

  38. My pick of the week.

  39. More plz.

  40. I expect more from Morrison. In this issue he fails to reign in all his ideas and plot threads into something that is enjoyable to read as a single issue. 

  41. This was one of the best comics I read in a longtime. Absolutely loved the art by Chris Burnham, he’s like a second Quietly, but still with is own style. I liked the vintage look of the flashbacks, and seeing lovestruck, happy batman was very refreshing.


  42. Man, this issue was absolutely incredible! The structure was beautiful, I think it may be the most dense and well plotted comic GM has written for years and the way he’s reintegrated the old Batwoman into the timeline is just brilliant, so rewarding for readers that have read the whole story so far and have picked up on the subtle pieces Morrison has sprinkled throughout the run. The way Morrison has recontextualised the silver age adventures as being Bruce’s crazy fun 20’s hanging out with this cool kid and being dosed on too many halucinogens is just so fun.

    The issue itself was really good too, I like the way Gaucho is bought into the mythos and I wonder if I’m right in thinking that this is tying in to the secret evil society we were introduced to in Batman: The Return recently.

    Last issue was a little dull but this one has raised the game considerably. Loved it!

  43. Ahhh….I think maybe one more chance before canceling this title.


  44. Looks like the same ol’ Morrison Batman arguments again huh?

  45. For the first time in this series, it truly felt like a Morrison comic, and the art was incredible. I hope Chris Burnham can stick around forever.

  46. Sometimes I just don’t get Morisson.

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